Do you wish to see your application getting developed under proper management?

Functional Testing

What are Build management tools?

Build management tools take care of everything while building a process. These tools generate source code, generate documentation from source code, compile source code, packages compiled code into JAR of ZIP file, installs the packaged code in local repository, server repository, or central repository.

Functional Testing

Process that we follow

  • Prepare environment
  • Assemble source code
  • Categorize source code
  • Compilation of source code
  • Save the build logs
  • Send build status
Functional Testing

Why do we use Maven?

  • It includes all the dependencies of jars so there is no need to add separate jars.
  • Providing quality project information
  • Helps to create right project structure
  • Easy to migrate for new features of Maven
  • It provides uniform build process and project information
  • Apache Maven helps to manage: Builds, Documentation, Reporting, SCMs, Releases, and Distribution etc.