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Functional Testing

What is Big Data Testing?

‘Big-data’ is similar to ‘Small-data’, but bigger. It has bigger data that consequently requires different approaches, techniques, tools & architectures to solve new and old problems in a better way. Testing of such datasets is Big Data Testing.

Functional Testing

Why is Big Data Testing Important?

Several companies do the depth analysis for their big data. It is seen that there are times when they fail to achieve the desired goal due to faults in data structure or due to the complex algorithms. Therefore it becomes important to do Big Data Testing.

Functional Testing

Big Data Testing – Needs and Challenges

Adequate testing of Big Data applications is necessarily crucial so as to ensure great user experience.

A detailed comprehension of Big Data is a key to effective Big Data Testing. Initially, we start from verifying the base of the system within the framework of database testing. We, at BugRaptors, verify proper information is extracted into the system or not and validate if accurate data is searched and loaded onto the accurate site.

Here are some challenges with conventional Big Data Testing:

• Understanding Huge Data

• Deployment of experienced professionals for Automation Testing procedures

• Dealing with Unstructured Data

•  Maintaining the quality of testing for better User Experience in all aspects

We ensure that our clients are served with the optimum big data testing services, as per their business requirements.

Functional Testing

Why Choose Us

BugRaptors Big Data Testing Capabilities

• Empowering people through operative knowledge management: - BugRaptors has established training agendas that permit faster upscale with the help of 200+ resilient Big Data testers and devoted testing team.

• Accelerators and Tools to enhance productivity: - Customizable Map Reduce in-house efficacies enhance productivity by 10%. BugRaptors Big Data testing solutions permits automatic data quality examination and data migration testing.

• Association with prominent Big Data vendors.

• Process and methodology to authenticate all data touch points: - BugRaptors comprises of ready-to-use procedure assets including checklists, estimation models and templates.

Services We Offer in this Category

Post ETL Data Authentication

BugRaptors offers big data testing services to authenticate whether the data accrued and loaded after the ETL procedure is robust, capacious and assorted to drill vital insights.

  • Authentication of transformation, data extraction, and stocking into EDW
  • Examination of big data sets upright ETL
  • Authentication of outcomes
Data Migration Authentication

BugRaptors’s Hadoop test automation assists to automate the procedure of deriving and linking information from huge clusters of Hadoop, executing data migrations and associating data sets.

  • Authentication of Hadoop procedure data output
  • Source to Objective Authentication
  • Post-migration information correctness authentication
  • Authentication of reports

Benefits of Big Data Testing

  • Reduces Downtime

    Deployment of Big Data applications revolve around predictive analytics, organizations might face throng. Overall downtime is reduced by testing big data apps, as it improves the data quality and related processes of the application.

  • Scale Data Sets

    In the case of a large amount of data, chances of failure become high. Thus to avoid the failure, testing is considered as an integral part of application lifecycle to assure that the performance of the application is not affected by a small or big change in data sets.

  • Validate Real-Time Data

    Big data applications use the live data, there is a need for some filtering, sorting and analysis to ensure that the captured data is valid and useful. For these scenarios performance testing of the data ensure that the application processes accurate data in real-time.

  • Offers Data Security and Authenticity

    Security and authenticity is the extreme importance for the enterprises that deal with the client application and host their data on their server. To maintain security and confidentiality, they have to perform big data testing at different levels to avoid any sort of security breach.