Tech Talks With Siddhant Wadhwani

Quality engineering has gradually turned to be the essence of digital solutions, making way into every stage of development lifecycle. From tech giants to small-scale enterprises, brands are quickly investing on their test initiatives to take the entire digital landscape forward.   When

Preparing For The Next Wave Of Technology In QA

“Sometimes the opportunity needs you to remain relevant to the world’s needs; and sometimes it may even need you to act before it actually happens.”   When it comes to transformation, the process is something that needs you to understand the pulse of your industry. And

Tech Talks With Sowmya Sridharamurthy

The ever-expanding apps and extension of software features makes it even more significant to work on quality problems. Besides, the reason behind failure of test initiatives is usually found to be an insufficient test strategy that burdens the entire QA operations.   In other words, it

Top 11 Manual Testing Tools For A Smoother 2023

One of the critical components of the SDLC (Software development life cycle) is software testing tools; thus, picking the proper tool for your project is crucial for any business or company.     There are currently hundreds of software testing tools available on the market to

Unearthing API Testing & Its Role In Open Banking

The financial or banking services sector is being revolutionized by the unrestricted banking movement, which is technology-driven.  Sticking to the notion, banks are expanding their capabilities in terms of the client experience by incorporating services and goods provided by other vendors.&nbs

Challenges BFSI Organizations Face While Rolling Out Digital Initiatives

Even though the finance industry is quickly progressing toward digital transformation objectives, there is still some missing cohesion. There have been significant initiatives to align things, but complex infrastructures, difficult integrations, high equipment costs, and a lack of professionals all

Tech Talks With Mesut Durukal

The introduction of digitalization has proven to be the most significant advancements made to the business industry. Be it eCommerce or anything like real-estate, enterprise technology and business-dedicated software have not only streamlined operations but even helped businesses to thrive. &nb

13 Mobile Testing Tools To Simplify Your Life In 2023

“Mobile is not the future, it is the NOW. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient to you”  The mobile domain is increasing rapidly. Ever since the outbreak of covid-19, it has skyrocketed. Mobile Applications presently include all t

Creating Impact In 2023: Charity For Children & Elderly

Togetherness and spirit of giving make festivities even more special. Though receiving gifts is exciting and fun, the absolute pleasure is in giving.   Keeping the thought of empathy alive, Bugraptors, a renowned name in the software and quality assurance market, held a donation drive this C

Managing Software Testing Data For Added Productivity

“Data is power and only those who know how to manage, structure, and harness it right could taste the expected outcomes.” ~ Kanika Vatsyayan  Test data is a highly significant part of the quality assurance process. Especially, the ever-growing pace of digitalization that bring al

Accelerating Technology Advancement While Aligning With Upcoming BFSI Regulatory Changes

When it comes to business, one thing that is consistent across all industry and verticals, is unpredictability. And when we talk about the banking and finance industry, the need for digitization has quickly accelerated after the pandemic.   However, the extensive digitalization has even

How To Undo Automated Regression Testing Mistakes?

Regression testing is a part of software testing that ensures whether an application or website functions the same as expected, even after any code changes or improvements.   Regression testing is leveraged to guarantee that the system stays all right under continuous changes and modifi

Tech Talks With Lisette Zounon

The need for quality-rich and dynamic digital solutions has massively increased with time. From infusing security to integrations that can meet the productivity goals, the need for tech solutions has called for revolution in the tech landscape.   More importantly, the introduction of Qu

Testing Checklist For Real Estate App

Like any other industry, the real estate sector is quickly booming. Be it the expansion of services or adopting digital trends, the real estate sector is aiming to work on everything that could help redefine the market.   Nevertheless, a large portion of the real estate industry is stil

How Is AI A Game Changer In Enhancing The User Experience For Online Gaming?

The gaming industry has made incredible strides in recent years. All thanks to technological advancements made with time!   The continuously changing industry-related trends and growing demand from gamers for more sophisticated and engaging experiences have all contributed to this quick chan

Tech Talks With Sarah Watkins

The business landscape is quickly transforming with the introduction of business-specific software solutions and dedicated applications. Besides, the growing need of technology has even made both developers and users realize the need for immersive user experience bring quality assurance services int

5 Emerging QA and Software Testing Trends in Healthcare Digital Applications in 2023

High costs of research and development, together with rigorous regulations and increasing customer demands, need a significant focus on the software quality of any industry. The Healthcare industry, in this case, is no exception! The mHealth apps market is valued at $47.7 billion in 2021 and is proj

Tech Talks With Lewis Prescott

Every industry, right from retail to media is quickly moving towards their digital goals with rapid adoption of enterprise solutions, software, and user-dedicated applications. However, the extensive competition has even pushed the industry to recognize the need for quality assurance services. 

Performance Testing: A Key to Optimizing Website Performance

Website performance testing can let a company or a brand know on how rapidly any site loads on a web browser and demonstrate the quality of the website in terms of interactivity, reliability, and usability.   Your site may have better content, products, and services; however, if your ke

Evolving Role of QA With Advancements in eLearning

The tech landscape has evolved with time meeting the changing dynamics of the industry and aligning with the customer experience objectives. And since this changing scenario is making way into almost every sector, the eLearning industry is nothing left behind.   According to Statista, &

Risks In Software Delivery & How Testing In Production Works As Aid?

Since we are quickly progressing on the path of digital transformation with businesses and operations digitizing through application and software technology, the need for uninterrupted and consistent output has pushed the testing needs forward.    Sticking to the definition, Testin

5 Reasons Why Customers Leave Your eCommerce Store Without Buying

Many of the e commerce website and application owners' question that, despite the high traffic to their website, no one is purchasing the stuff. Do you wonder why your eCommerce website isn't generating the required sales?   These queries always arise when your website doesn'

Leveraging Digitalization to Cope with the Competition in BFSI Sector

The current age of digitalization is all about the transformation of digital structures and innovation. With digital being the new buzz around all industries and verticals, the same is true with the BFSI sector.   Banks around the world are quickly leaning towards apps and other digital

Clutch Listed BugRaptors Among Top Software Quality Assurance Companies In India

BugRaptors is one of the renowned names when it comes to delivering QA (Quality Assurance) and software testing services.   And recently, Clutch - a popular B2B platform for reviewing business firms, recently listed BugRaptors as one of the top India Software Quality Assurance Companies

Mobile Application Testing Using Automation Frameworks

From grocery shopping to anything like taking an appointment with a physician, mobile apps make an important part of our routine grind.   Therefore, it has become more important than ever to deliver an optimum user experience to the users. Besides, creating mobile applications that offe

Tech Talks With Sandra John

Since we are quickly progressing towards a truly digital world that is surrounded by websites, software, and apps, driving innovation needs extensive focus on quality matters.   Besides, the ever-expanding tech landscape has made people more informed than ever making them long for bette

10 Ways Big Data Analytics Has Redefined the Healthcare Domain

Over the years, the concept of data analytics has become a highly significant part of the development process. Especially, when it brings all the necessary efficiency needed to complement decision-making across industries, seeing the concept progressing at such a fast pace is no surprise.  

Unearthing The Importance Of Automation Testing For The Retail Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic created a demand for digital transformation in the retail sector, and businesses were expected to implement change at breakneck speed to meet the competitive market's needs. Retail is one of the few industries that has experienced tremendous growth in the last five years.&n

A Comprehensive Guide on FinOps

Ever since the concept of   gained momentum, things have never been the same. From the introduction of the cloud to making transactions online, FinOps has been introduced as one such trend that enabled organizations to pursue cloud financial management discipline.   Be it the finan

MLOps: Need, Benefits, And Implementation

DevOps serves as a model for MLOps.  A new, agile software development lifecycle (SDLC) that promoted frequent innovation outlined by DevOps. Small, frequent releases that are automatically published to production are the result of the labour of the developers.    Similar t

Quality Engineering: The New Way of Enhancing Media Apps

According to a report by, only in the US, the cost of poor-quality software in 2018 was $2.8 trillion.?   Whether you realize it or not, every firm in the globe is involved in quality engineering. The struggle to provide high quality is inherent in the mere act of producing

Recognition Among Top Software Testing Companies by Selected Firms

BugRaptors progressing towards its path to success is leaving no stone unturned. Recently, Selected Firms, one of the most trusted and reliable listing platforms shared the list of Top Software Testing Companies across the globe recognizing BugRaptors.   The criteria for listing the bes

How AI is future of media industry?

Logically, AI is everywhere!!    According to by 2025, it is anticipated that the worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) market will have generated $118.6 billion in revenue. Nowadays, practically all industries use the buzzword "artificial intelligence" to d

How To Leverage AI For Improved Performance Testing

The more, we are getting closer to the digital era, the need for performance-driven solutions is constantly expanding. Earlier, the focus of the tech firms was only restricted to developing technology, however, the exposure to applications and software has enabled users to understand the need for pe

5 Ways To Achieve Insprint Test Automation

When it comes to modern software development, testers and QAs need to work in compressed cycles. However, the process even involves the use of automation to ensure saving expenses along with time and effort.   Insprint test automation is one such testing technique that aids ideal develo

Preparing Your Business Apps for Holiday Season

No matter, what type of product or services you sell, keeping your app always ready is necessary. Especially, when you are all set to enter the holiday season, it becomes even more important to offer undisturbed output to your clients being a QA service provider.   And just in case, you

6 Reasons Why Website Testing Is Important

Websites are currently getting more dynamic and providing capabilities that weren't previously conceivable. People want to access web material on a variety of different platforms, and they keep wanting websites to have more and more features.?  With more functionality, web designers are

How to Prevent Digital Fraud and Maintain High Customer Satisfaction?

Providing a fantastic shopping experience involves more than just the actual purchasing; it also involves the payment process. However, because of today's businesses' significant focus on minimizing the risk of fraud and assaults, the convenience of checkout regularly suffers, leaving custom

Getting Familiar with NFTs: Learning Facts, Exploring Risks, & More

Non-fungible Tokens or NFTs are one-of-a-kind crypto assets. Unlike cryptocurrencies, they cannot be exchanged for another token of the same value. The blockchain is used to authenticate NFTs used to signify ownership of digital artwork or valuables.   Owners may buy them because they l

Tech Talks with Jaswanth Manigundan

We are already in the last quarter of 2022, and 2023 is all set to showcase innovations like never before, with tech enthusiasts progressing on their initiatives to change the world for good. Since digital transformation is more of a journey than a milestone, the future of technology would need an e

Application Security with DevOps: The Lifecycle, Best Practices, & More

The DevOps movement?began around 2007?when the software development and IT operations communities raised concerns about the traditional software development model, where developers who wrote code worked apart from operations who deployed and supported the code.   The term DevOps, a comb

Redefining DevOps: Security as A Point of View

As far as the definition is concerned, DevOps is a set of?practices,?tools, and a?cultural philosophy?that automates and integrates the processes between software development and IT teams. It emphasizes team empowerment, cross-team communication and collaboration, and technology automation. 

September 12, 2022 – BugRaptors as a Quality Assurance service provider has always worked to transform the tech landscape by constantly interacting and exchanging thoughts with QAs, developers, and business analysts from across the world.   Be it the regular interviews we plan wit

7 Best Practices to Improve Manual Testing Skills

Over the years, testing has become a highly significant part of the development and launch process. Though the introduction of techniques like Automation due to its ability to streamline repetitive testing have gained more popularity, manual testing is still very important to meet the optimum perfor

Scrum Methodology: Its Basic Concepts, Benefits, and the Ways of Correct Implementation

For those who are new to software testing services and IT in general, the terminology used by colleagues is not always easy to understand. And of course, it may cause some difficulties in their communication. To avoid such problems, it's necessary to become familiar with the most popular concept

Getting Familiar with SoapUI: How to Post JSON to a REST Service

Used for testing web services, SoapUI is an advanced testing tool that is made to complement SOAP web services, HTTP based services, and RESTful Web Services. Its open-source nature and no cost model makes it a perfect companion for IT service providers. It works as a ReadyAPI that contains extra fu

Making It to The Top Software Testing Companies List by Designrush

Adding Another Milestone to A Progressive Journey  Known for delivering extraordinary quality assurance solutions, Bugraptors is a renowned name in the global software testing industry. However, it always feels very motivating when you get recognized for your efforts.   Recently

How AI is transforming Medical Device Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful and ever-emerging technology that has the potential to improve capabilities across a multitude of industries. A medical device with artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise the health care industry, helping medical professionals diagnose a

How To Resolve the Cybersecurity Issues in Medical Devices??

In today's era of technology, the internet plays a very vital role. Crime rates are rising as a result of the advancement of technology via the internet.   Cybersecurity is the phenomenon of protecting data from hands that can use technology to do wrongful deeds such as thefts or se

Game Testing Types: A Short Guide to Game Testing Techniques

According to All India gaming federation, With the constantly evolving technology, industries anticipate a $300 billion increase in mobile game revenue by 2025.   Businesses are increasing their speed of learning by taking this development and expansion into mind. Users will undoubtedly

Blockchain Testing: Basics, Future, & The Tools

Organizations all over the world are turning to blockchain technology to improve data storage, security, and management. This has resulted in the need of blockchain testing solutions that can ensure that applications built on the blockchain network are thoroughly checked to meet their purp

Quality Assurance Testing: A Must Follow Prerequisite Before Website Launch

While launching a new website, there is a sequence of quality assurance checks that every company should conduct or mandate to ensure that the website is safe, secure, and user-friendly.   As people have short attention spans, a single site anomaly in the user journey might lead to a us

Tech Talks With George Hamblen

Digitalization is all about progressive development which means creating technology that has the power to transform the world. However, the rapidly changing dynamics of the digital world have pushed IT solution providers toward meeting the demand, leaving the quality aspect behind.   Ne

Load Testing for Banking Apps: A Guide

What connects the companies financially in today's landscape where the global economy is vividly connected? BANKING!! Yes, banking plays a foundational role in financially connecting companies regardless of location.   However, catering to the complex nature of finances and the risk

Intelligent Empowerment With AI

From the fleet of self-driving vehicles to extraordinary processing power, Artificial Intelligence has made its way to every industry and operation. However, the extensive hype has even enabled some organizations that are not so familiar with the tech or are working without any thorough research are

Yashu Kapila Featured as a Revolutionary Leader Transforming Web & App Industry by App Story

Listed as Top 10 Women of the Year at WIT Awards 2021, Yashu Kapila is a first-generation women entrepreneur, who is redefining the world of technology. Being the CEO of one of the leading and globally renowned Quality Assurance Brand, BugRaptors, Yashu Kapila is emerging as an exemplary women leade

Visual Validation Tools for Testers: A Detailed Guide

Visual Regression testing or Visual validation testing in software is a quality assurance activity of verifying if the visual aspects of the application’s user interface seem appropriate to the user. It is also known as Visual Validation Testing. It aims at verifying if the correct data a

Tech Talks With Marco A. Cruz

Since we are heading towards a more dynamic age of technology, the tech enthusiasts have all started to work on creating more dynamic and progressive solutions. Right from the most-advanced AI based enterprise solutions to concepts like Blockchain, Quality Assurance has become an inevitable aspect o

Undermining The Importance of Technology in the Continuity of Education

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the most unexpected incidents to happen. The sudden outbreak not only affected the health but caused significant business loss and halting of the education industry. The situation, therefore, caused a large chunk of the global student population to witn

Enabling A Secure CI/CD Pipeline with DevSecOps

With time, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery have become a highly significant part of the software development lifecycle. Considered an important aspect of DevOps, it has offered extensive speed and error-reducing capabilities to the QA experts as well as developers.   Whil

Reasons Why Testing Mobile Gaming Apps Is Getting Harder Than You Think?

Nowadays, almost everyone walks around with their mobile phones almost glued to their hands. There is no doubt in saying that mobile gaming apps rule the app world. According to, the number of active mobile gamers worldwide is over 2.2 billion. Game apps are top-rated among mobile phone

Goodfirms Lists BugRaptors Under Top Software Testing Companies In India

Mohali, India  Known for disseminating extraordinary services with ease and efficiency, Bugraptors is a renowned name in the field of software testing.  Recently Bugraptors got listed as one of the top software testing companies in India by Good firms. Bugraptors offers diverse servi

When To Choose Shift Left or Shift Right Testing Approach?

Only a decade back, the entire process of developing new technologies was much more simplified. However, the growing demand for software and applications, along with much necessary sophistication led to the introduction of several new practices and methodologies.  More importantly, it was to

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - The Future of Work

When we talk about the future of the business landscape, all the industries are heavily leaning towards automation to pace up their business operations. However, the organizations that are working on automation first goals usually run on different principles compared to the traditional or convention

Building A Business-Productive Test Automation Strategy

The process of creating perfect software can get overwhelming at times. Most tools that land on the market often come with growing pains that pertain from the very beginning of the development lifecycle. However, every effort made to adopt the technology adds more value to the product. And since sof

How To Implement Smoke Testing In Production And Staging?

Smoke testing as a part of the end-to-end testing process allows testers to process rapid checks on an application or software’s condition. From checking the user flows to running new deployments after certain defined intervals, Smoke testing allows checking the stability of the given product.

7 Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Software Testing Company

A good reputation and good revenue are what every company/brand desires! Software testing is a very vast topic and it acts as a catalyst when it comes to the development of software. This is the reason today most businesses are leveraging QA software testing services for overall efficient delivery o

Understanding why Outsourced QA is Superior to Inhouse QA

With the world moving quickly towards technology progressing toward digital transformation goals, the demand for business applications, enterprise solutions, and software has multiplied. Despite all the significant growth that IT consulting firms and the development industry have witnessed, one thin

Test Automation Using AI and ML: Learning the Potential

Let’s get a decade or two years back in time. It was an era where people had limited access to technology and the internet.   But the gradual evolution of the digital world has made mobile devices, the internet, and technology an essential part of our day-to-day lives. From day-to

How AI-Driven Robotic Process Automation Can Deliver Higher ROI For Enterprises

Automation, AI, ML, Agile, and other similar terms have completely redefined the digital transformation wave. Though all these techniques and technologies have their own significance, Automation over the years has provided a necessary boost to business operations and therefore has come a long way co

Understanding The Role of AI In Test Automation

The constantly growing need for technology, the evolution of the web, and the ever-improving data services have all called for digital transformation. Therefore, it is quite natural to see technology thriving in almost every industry with operations being led through software and applications. 

Selenium Automation Testing: Writing the Automated Test Scripts

Automation testing is the future of quality assurance. No doubt, manual testing has enabled the software development industry to create a more dynamic vision of technology, automation testing services are the need of the hour.   Ever since, the demand for digital platforms like applicat

Power Move: How Expert QA And Software Testing Services Transforming The Energy Industry

As per the reports, the energy and utility market is estimated to stand at USD 2 billion in 2020 and is likely to grow to USD 4.3 billion by 2025. In other words, the energy and utility sector has shown exponential growth with time. Though the industry has experienced its own challenges like finding

How Test Automation Solutions Are Benefiting Ecommerce Businesses?

The retail industry was already blooming just when eCommerce made its way after the emergence of the Internet. The impact of eCommerce could be easily measured with the fact that worldwide retail eCommerce sales stand at USD 4.9 trillion.   Nevertheless, sustaining such numbers and aimi

The Impact of Digital Transformation on The Transportation Industry

The concept of digital transformation is thriving!   Since technology has made its way to almost every industry, the same is true for the transportation niche. The access to computers to the use of logistics software has all helped the industry to evolve, minimizing the loss and upgradi

Recognizing the achievements of women in technology, DiversityQ, in collaboration with the Information Age, came up with the women in IT awards 2022. The award is to commemorate a woman in IT who has demonstrated the highest degree of innovation, leadership, and excellence over the last two years an

Continuous Performance Testing: Understanding the Best Practices

Ever since the world started progressing toward the digital wave, the need for technology has increased. And therefore, a greater focus has been developed on the importance of software testing as a part of the development lifecycle.   However, the traditional practices for software test

Performance Testing in the Cloud: 7 Tools to Keep Things Easy

We can't overlook the fact that cloud-based technology is the way forward and is also evolving more than ever before. Today, many IT entities are realizing the importance of cloud-based frameworks.   And for good, the cloud-based framework positively impacts the deployment and monit

An Insight into Oracle Fusion Patching and Testing Readiness

Ever since the concept of automation made its way to Quality Assurance and testing, things have never been the same. From improving the process to preventing ineffective and not-so-sustainable developments, automation frameworks and tools have redefined the entire scenario.   Oracle Taa

Learning Web App Penetration Testing: A Short Guide

The digital world is filled with many platforms that make our lives easier and more productive. However, with today’s widespread reach of technology, it’s much easier to fall prey to malicious activities such as ransomware attacks or SQL injections. This is why you must invest in premium

Digital Assurance And Digital Engineering: The Vitals Of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become vital for enterprises to stay alive and robust in a competitive and fierce market landscape. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders are now considering the acceleration in shifting to digital business as the most critical priority in the coming

Big Data Testing: Benefits, Best Practices, & More

Organizations today are constantly looking for different ways to leverage the dominance of big data to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. A massive set of raw data needs a careful design in testing to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved when the application or particular service go

Performance Testing in An Agile Environment: A Short Guide

There has been a sea of changes in the way software & applications are developed during the last decade. Most enterprises have moved away from the conventional waterfall model to flexible agile approaches. With development being done in iterative models, testing, especially for the application p

Leveraging Database Testing to Transform Quality Assurance

With everyday new technological advancements and a growing number of Internet users, data creation, data storage, and retrieval has reached new heights. More importantly, the heart and soul of any software service is the "data," which is included in databases for retrieval and further proc

How Can AI Technologies Help Automate Complex Routine Tasks?

Voice recognition, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, education, banking, and software testing!! AI has impacted every field with its dominance. We all continue to witness a surge in technological advancements. With this, AI's role in our lives is only growing bigger. According to, the m

How to Achieve Speed and Scale with Cloud Test Automation?

Going a few years back in time, website development and software engineering were entirely different concepts. However, the introduction of innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, DevOps, and QA have all made way for extensive transformation.   Especially, the

Top 10 Tools For Web Application Testing in 2022

The needs and demands of modern-day commercial enterprises make it essential for each organization to have a web application or website. suggests that 500 web applications are being developed on a daily basis. This number truly depicts the way digital transformation has ev

E2E Black Box Testing for Enterprises

End-to-end testing (E2E testing) refers to a software testing method that involves testing an application’s workflow from beginning to end. This method basically aims to replicate real user scenarios so that the system can be validated for integration and data integrity.  Essentially,

Cloud Testing: Why Is It Essential for Digital Transformation?

Today, millions of professionals are working, collaborating and innovating in remote workplaces. This new normal is the result of the covid-19 pandemic. However, it's undeniable to say that this all has been made possible due to the huge investment that companies have made in the process of thei

Top Automation Testing Tools for Desktop Applications

When you need to find the most suitable and reliable web test automation testing tools, the process could turn out to be extremely exhaustive. Especially, when you do have not much exposure to test automation, landing on a perfect tool could be a daunting task to pursue.   However, the

Blockchain vs Distributed Ledger: A Detailed Comparison

In this fast-moving age of information, it became quite confusing for many in differentiating one technology from another. Many people who are unfamiliar with new-age technologies are many times tricked by cunning businesses, where they rebrand Blockchain in their name. Such actions may attract some

8 Best Tools to Simplify Codeless Automation Testing

Ever since the world was introduced to application and software technology, things have never been the same. Rather, the progressive digitalization and need for high-performing IT solutions have led to a quality gap due to extreme variation in the demand and supply.  Thanks to the ever-incre

What Is the Importance of Upcoming WCAG 2.2 Guidelines for Digital Businesses?

Ever since the world has gotten closer to the concept of digital transformation, the need for mobile and web apps has jumped like never before. Every day, thousands of users reach for different websites and apps in order to meet their goals of shopping, gaming, payments, and so on. As per the report

What Role Do Software Testing Services Play In Cyber Security?

With the ever-increasing number of cyberattacks, it’s more crucial than ever for companies to invest in cybersecurity. It seems like just about every day, another major breach is reported online or offline.  These incidents can lead to millions or billions of data points being compromi

Tech Talks With Symon Storozhenko

Just after the world tasted the Internet and the web, there was no turning back. And therefore, it created the need for quality in technology and added all the rapidity to the quality assurance industry. More importantly, the QA industry itself has progressed at a very sharp pace making way for dive

Tech Talks With Lina Zubyte: Unraveling The QA Myths & More

The ever-evolving and ever-changing tech landscape requires effective access to quality assurance. Especially, when most modern-day industries are trying to take maximum advantage of advanced technologies, effective and timely testing is vital to drive the true potential of technology in operations.

Tech Talks With Gizem Saruhan

Today, for all good reasons,  fortunately automated testing services are creating a wave in the industry. Quality assurance is one of the most important processes in the software industry as it yields  higher accuracy, better reporting capabilities, more coverage, resource efficiency, bug

Tech Talks With Johanna South: Exploring The Depth Of Quality Engineering & QA Automation

When it comes to QA Automation, the process works as an essence to Quality Engineering. From QA principles to product development practices, QA Automation holds all the potential to contribute to management, operations, development, and maintenance of the development lifecycle within an enterprise a

Tech Talks With Seema Prabhu

In today’s fierce market landscape, technology has evolved a lot. Therefore, it has become more crucial than ever for companies to manage and enhance the quality of their services. And since the only way to survival is grasping the market transitions, automated testing services are becoming th

Tech Talks With Istvan Forgacs: Embracing The Change In Testing Industry & Learning Common Mistakes To Avoid

Quality Assurance with time has evolved to be a highly significant component of the tech landscape. Especially, when modern customers need access to software and applications that are super convenient to use, creating a product that meets the objectives demands a complete focus on QA.  

As the world is quickly progressing on digital transformation initiatives, most industries have recognized the need for Quality Assurance Solutions. Especially, the introduction of advanced testing concepts like Automation, Agile, DevOps, and QAOps have all transformed the world of software and appl

Tech Talks With Laveena Ramchandani: Taking Insights To Maintainable And Scalable Test Automation

When it comes to digital transformation, the future is all about automation. Every industry, irrespective of its operations, is aiming to drive the potential of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And Robotic Process Automation. Since the roots of Automation are deeply engra

Tech Talks With Chris Kenst: Taking Insights To Scaling Automation, Codeless Automation, & More

Quality Assurance with time has turned into highly significant business practice. Especially, when end users have become more digitally aware, the need for quality jumps in right from the point software or application is ideated. At BugRaptors, we always aim to nurture quality for our clients, irres

Tech Talks With Rafaela Azevedo

Ever since the world has started progressing towards digitalization, the need for quality-rich and dynamic tech solutions has significantly increased. Be it infusing the vision of security or making the most with the product performance, Quality Assurance services have become an inevitable part of t

Tech Talks With Aparna A Gopalakrishnan

The digital landscape is expanding and that too at a very quick pace. Especially, the need for catering the ever-growing requirements of the tech users have made it extremely important to create new technologies or amend the existing solutions with necessary updates.   Though the growth

Future Of Manufacturing With IoT: Understanding The Opportunities And Challenges

Over the past few years, technology has come a long way transforming the business landscape. Especially, when we talk about mobile technology, IoT has turned out to be a concept that has completely transformed business models.   This is why a significant number of manufacturers have inc

The Future Of Manufacturing Industry & Its Emerging Tech Landscape

Change is constant and adapting to change is necessary to transform. The same is true for the manufacturing industry. Whether it is the great recession or the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, the only thing that has helped manufacturing giants to outperform their competition was to be prepared well

Tech Talks With Michael "Fritz" Fritzius: Making Way To Optimal Test Environment With Automation

Though Quality Assurance is nothing new to the tech industry, the concept has significantly evolved over time. However, there are so many organizations out there that are still reluctant to adopt the change in legacy practices. Whether it is adopting advanced solutions like automation or change in m

Checklist To Set Up QA Processes In An Agile Environment

Over the years, the concepts and methodologies adopted by the IT industry have significantly changed. Especially, the introduction of terms like Agile, DevOPs, DevSecOps, and QAOPs have immensely changed the way development lifecycle was pursued.   The introduction of modern methodologi

5 Essential Components Of An Automation (DevOps) Governance Model

DevOps over the years has emerged as one of the most significant IT practices. It has not only helped improve the business models but has even helped developers to take command of product development and operations.   Sticking to the definition, DevOps is the combination of best practic

Tech Talks with Daniel Knott:

Over the years, the whole concept of Quality Assurance has gained a lot of recognition. Irrespective of the business or industry, anyone who needs software, application, or website to run their business operations has been crucially indulged in magnifying the quality assurance and software testing p

Agile, DevOps, & Digital Transformation: The Essentials To The Success Of IT

Over the years, the IT industry has witnessed huge potential in Agile and DevOps technology. From leading digital transformation journeys that can help the whole industry to meet the highest standards of success to developing products that can meet the user experience benchmarks, Agile and DevOps ha

How Is RPA Crucial For Transforming The BFSI Sector?

The COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest reason behind the sudden acceleration of automation across different industries. Especially, the introduction of RPA gained all the vision and applications across different operational environments. As per the recent research, “The global RPA market s

Top Trends of the FinTech Sector to Watch Out for in 2022

Over the years, the FinTech industry has gone through a rapid transformation. Thanks to the ever-changing technology landscape that has renovated the whole concept of making payments and exchanging currencies.   Nevertheless, the FinTech sector was growing at a very steady pace unless the pa

Improving Quality Assurance Using Artificial Intelligence

Though the concept of Quality Assurance is nothing new to the software development industry, the need for creating effective testing and QA strategies has grown significantly during the past few years. The emerging competition, large number of device exposure, and hyped demand have all made it impor

Digital Business Acceleration With Digital Quality Assurance

The world was moving towards digital transformation initiatives at quite a steady pace until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Though the circumstances pulled the business industry back a little, the situation pushed the business enthusiasts towards a new agenda of Digital Busin

How To Choose the Right Testing Company for Your CRM Implementation?

Over the years, the concept of Customer Relationship Management has taken a front seat across industries. Be it manufacturing, eCommerce, IT, or any other business scenarios, CRM planning has turned to be an integral part of business development strategies.   And therefore, organization

Accelerate Migration To The Cloud With Automated API Testing

The evolution of the digital environment has made all tech enthusiasts realize the potential of cloud technology. Especially, when the cloud serves all the highly dynamic and rapidly changing needs of the IT industry, it becomes natural for businesses to lean on cloud migration. And if it is one

Top DevOps Trends to Look Out for In 2022

Talking about the concept of digital transformation, it is entirely the evolution of software technology developed to take us closer to the future. Besides, all the efforts made to upgrade technology are meant to step into a future that represents convenience and unfold something that was never seen

Top Cyber Security Trends to Look Out for In 2022

With the ever-growing and ever-transforming digital world, technology has been completely redefined to offer sophistication to the users. Besides, the transformation has equally made its way to the concept of security with the advancement of hacking attempts and malware attacks. 

How Crucial Is DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing?

Be it any eCommerce application or your banking software, only the mere thought of these technologies crashing is overwhelming. Especially when the concept of digital transformation is ruling the world, the unavailability of an application, software or website at the extreme hours of need could be a

Tech Talks With JeanAnn Harrison

Exploring Test Estimation, TestOps, & Test Agility QA industry is progressing at a very fast pace and therefore it has become extremely necessary for testers to align with changing industry trends. More than techniques, if it is something that has changed the QA industry, it is the

Apex Testing: A Detailed Guide by BugRaptors

Apex is a highly robust Object-Oriented Programming language by Salesforce and is used to empower Salesforce platforms. Apex not only allows executing the flow and managing transaction control statements on salesforce servers but even aids in API integration.  

Tech Talks With Paul Grossman

Understanding Modernization Of QA & Software Testing Trends With software and application technology getting more diverse, the entire concept of Quality assurance services has been redefined. Especially, the growing need for business digitization and rapidly changing needs of the cu

Top 6 Reasons To Leverage Mobile Test Automation

According to recent research made by, “more than nine-in-ten Millennials (93% of those who turn ages 23 to 38 this year) own smartphones, compared with 90% of Gen Xers (those ages 39 to 54 this year), 68% of Baby Boomers (ages 55 to 73) and 40% of the Silent Gene

Telehealth & Quality Assurance: The Basics & The Best Practices

The Healthcare industry is quickly moving towards the digital concept. However, the recent pandemic has turned to be the reason for a significant push to the introduction of advanced software, applications, and digital services into the healthcare industry.    The reflection of the

Tech Talks With Mike Harris:

For the past few years, the software testing industry has experienced some serious boon. And it is quite natural to happen since the entire business world is quickly leaning on the digital transformation initiatives.   The need to sustain the digital environment in the highly

Tech Talks With K Sandeep Dinesh

To Dodge Test Distractions, Implementing Test Automation, & Adopting Changing QA Practices Quality Assurance is one of the most significant aspects of software development process. Testers and developers have therefore identified the need for cultivating QA

Testing A Marketing Automation Software: A Quick Guide

Talking about the times when the business industry had no exposure to the concept of Digital Transformation, the marketing initiatives were limited to building a strong word of mouth. On the other hand, the business giants and MNCs were subjected to work on geographical expa

Upgrading Your Approach To Web Test Automation

Web testing is a critical process. Especially, with all the changing digital practices and the need to embed advanced features, it has become extremely necessary for businesses to launch with perfection.   Here comes the role of web test automation. The automation practic

Tech Talks With Katya Aronov

Understanding The Change In QA Industry & Web Test Automation As the digital transformation initiatives are driving the IT ecosystem across the globe, the concept of Quality Assurance has redefined all the tech-based interactions. Especially, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence a

Testing Strategies for Successful Salesforce Implementation

According to Backlinko, “Salesforce generates total annual revenue of $21.25 billion. Revenue has increased by 24.27% over the previous fiscal year. Salesforce revenue has grown at a CAGR of 51.22% over the last 20 years.”   The statistics mentioned above are very natur

Developing Business Resilience With Software Testing

Over the past few years, software testing has become a significant component of the software development lifecycle as it has become vital to overcoming sub-optimal quality issues. Especially, the introduction of Agile, DevOps, and Automation practices along with shift-left, Continuous Integrati

Testing A Social Media App With Intelligent Automation Approach

Ever since humankind was introduced to the very concept of the internet, lives have changed tremendously. Especially, the continuously increasing interest of people in social media has made businesses across the world shift their focus on social media based interactions.   

BugRaptors Becomes Finalist For North American Software Testing Awards 2021

Toronto, Canada – Known for excellence in services and innovation, BugRaptors has met the global benchmarks of software testing. With only five years in the industry, the organization has managed to create a huge impact on the global stage, making way for several award

Tech Talks With Juan Negrier

Exploring The New Stack And The Need For Scaling Automation Over the years, the concept of Quality Assurance and Software testing has run down deep into the veins of development. More importantly, the present-day solutions demand a balance of QAOps and DevOps.   Especially, the intro

The Shift-left Approach: From Performance Testing To Performance Engineering

When it comes to present-day software technology, the only thing that determines the success of your application or software solution is the performance it can deliver. Right from the load that the software could take to the effect it has on the device, it is necessary that the given product ma

Yashu Kapila Nominated As Mentor Of The Year

Global Awards 2021: Yashu Kapila Nominated As Mentor Of The Year Chandigarh – October 14, 2021 – Giving recognition to business leaders who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in advancing business best practices, diversity, and inclusion, the Women Tech Network has announced t

Building An End-to-end Data Warehouse Testing Strategy

When it comes to the internet and business technology, we are all surrounded by data. Especially, the introduction of cloud technology has made every small, medium, and large organization rely heavily on data for leading their operations. Though it has added great

Is Bad Test Data Killing DevOps?

The world of technology can get complicated at times. Especially when you need to match with the feature and functionality-rich software landing into the market with the quickest releases, pairing testing into the DevOps cycle can make things overwhelming.    However,&nbs

Role of Performance Testing for Businesses Across Industries

Ever since we have been introduced to technology as users, the need for high-performing apps has been on a surge. More importantly, the situation has built a huge peer pressure for businesses across industries intensifying the whole idea of seamless performance and rich customer 

How to Choose the Reliable Company for Your Game Testing

The gaming industry has always stayed to be an extensive business. As per the information shared by Statista, the global video game market stands at USD 118 billion while the figure is about to reach USD 138 billion by the end of 2021.    Moreover, the intr

Automated Regression Testing: Mistakes & Best Practices

With the ever-growing demand for technology, the development and testing process has become extremely tricky. From modification of code to implementing new functionalities, every major and minor requirement could lead to unexpected behavioral changes in the product.    However, mos

Key Considerations For Automated Web Testing

Website is the key focus area for any business these days. Especially when the world has moved so quickly to digital platforms, a website is a platform to showcase any organization. As more and more business operations have shifted to advanced tech platforms, it is necessary that modern websites sho

10 Key Elements For Successful Cloud Migration

With time, the cloud has become the essence of the IT infrastructure for every organization. Moreover, the technical executives these days have their entire focus on upgrading their key enterprise applications to the cloud while making way for the business goa

Tech Talks with Diego Molina

Software testing and quality assurance services have entirely redefined the way we interact with technology. Like any other practice, software testing has come a long way in improving the existing practices while incorporating futuristic concepts like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning int

Why Is Quality Assurance Important For Logistics Software Solution?

With time, Quality Assurance has turned to be an inevitable part of the business process for all industries. Thanks to the extensive digitization and the ever-growing need for technology that has enabled quality assurance to take the front seat in the entire process of development and

How We Perform Usability Testing At BugRaptors?

Have you just finished working on a new application, software, or website? It is very likely for you to spend hundreds of hours, resources, and money on the design and development process. Besides, there is a huge amount of energy that is invested in creating a product that meets its requiremen

Why Does Education Sector Need Penetration & Security Testing?

Even though we believe that all the data available on Learning Management Systems or EdTech Apps are of least interest to cyber attackers, colleges, schools, and business organizations are all under great threat of being attacked.    The student data, their payment records, transac

Tech Talks With Simon Prior

Discussing Good Testing, Codeless Automation, and More A few years back, Quality Assurance and Software Testing was an exclusive practice. But the advancement in technology and a more informed audience have made QA a norm for technology brands. Right from the healthcare industry to the most compl

Shaping The Future Of Transportation & Logistics With QA

We have all been part of the connected revolution where technology has redefined the dynamics of connectivity, bringing us closer than ever. Either it is booking a cab to your favorite restaurant or ordering that delicious lasagna, things have got on your fingertips with apps like Uber and Grub

What Makes Katalon Recorder, The Best Alternative To Selenium IDE

Katalon Recorder & Selenium IDE are two of the best and most used browser automation tools. However, more than 500,000 users have eventually turned towards Katalon Recorder. The figures are surprising, especially when a huge community of testers prefers to stick with selenium

How Agile Testing Principles Ensure To Deliver Better Quality Software

When it comes to advanced development practices, if it is anything that has made the industry change more than any tools or techniques, it was only the introduction of Agile practices. The agile approach made it easier for programmers, developers, testers, and the project management teams to st

Yashu Kapila Got Nominated for TechWomen100 Awards

Chandigarh, India – When it’s almost two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the business industry, We Are Tech Women, a leading brand known for recognizing women in technology from Essex, England, is putting every possible effort to maximize the potential of women in the corporate sect

Tech Talks with Melissa Tondi

Exploring the Perspective of Quality and Process Engineering Enthusiast During the last few years, the concept of Quality Assurance has entered almost every industry. Right from the development of websites to enterprise specific software technology, testing has turned to be an extremely impo

Usability Testing: An Iterative Approach To Leverage Hidden Opportunities

As people are gaining more and more exposure to digital services like web applications and software technology, the more crucial it has become to work on the Quality Assurance goals. Though the modern product release strategies extensively focus on creating strong hypotheses for their tech proj

Tech Talks with Ian Goddard

Understanding Successful Automation Testing, Test Optimization Tactics, & Methodologies To Follow The trend for software and business application is changing every minute. From the most popular video content applications to music streaming and OTT video platforms, things have taken a huge lea

Game Testing: Emerging Trends and QA Role

When it comes to game testing, remember you need to deliver a smooth yet thrilling experience to your end users. Right from the graphics to the functionality and display, you need to cultivate a user interface that could meet with your user experience goals.  Besides, games are more tha

ERP Migration Guide: Challenges, Tips, & ERP Testing Tool Selection

Over the years, the dynamics of business planning and operational management have completely transformed. Thanks to the advanced project management technologies and tools like SAP and ERP that have enabled big brands to be the giants. However, the accelerated ERP migration within

5 Tips To Begin Your Next Product Launch QA Initiative

You’re thinking to start with a new product, but not sure how the long-term development project will begin? It is very likely for you to get along with common questions, like How you should enroll QA in it? How your tech team should put countless hours to ensure that the pr

Tech Talks With Dave Westerveld

Debugging The Automation Testing Myths, Best Software Testing Tools, & Essential Productivity Hacks Since software testing has turned to be an extremely significant part of the software development process, testing communities as well as software development companies from across the world ha

7 Ways Testers Could Help Leverage The Quality Assurance Process

When it comes to making better software, most of us believe that testing is the key create impeccable technology.    Indeed, it is! But there are certainly other factors that help development companies to have the most out of testing. Yes, we are talking about the talent acquisitio

Top Accessibility Testing Tools for Web Applications

Web application accessibility is one of the most trending topics in the digital industry. Since it helps you get assured that the web applications are easily accessible to the people, a web app tested for accessibility could even help people with disabili

Bots and AI: The Future of Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Over the years, the evolution of technology has made the world experience the idea of innovation. Right from the introduction of the world wide web to the first-ever smartphone, technology has always transformed the way we live.    One such aspect of advanced technology that h

From social networks, e-commerce platforms to websites, every professional today uses chatbots to expand its business and manage CRM (Customer Retention Management) interactions like a human.    Due to timely investments and futuristic benefits, many companies leverage chatbots to

BugRaptors Accelerates Growth: Opening Of New Office In London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom – July 23, 2021 – BugRaptors, an India-based provider of testing and QA services, is pleased to announce the official opening of its UK-based sales and support office at 97 Hackney Rd, London, E2 8ET.  CEO of BugRaptors, Y

Implementing DevSecOps: Everything You Need To Know

Over the years, the idea of software development has witnessed an evolution, with the development practices inclining more towards Quality Assurance. First, the industry went for a shift of methodology from Waterfall to Agile, and now things are transforming with DevOps. However, the most recent int

Celebrating the achievements of women in technology, DiversityQ presented Women in IT Awards Asia, highlighting the advancement and contribution of Women in the IT industry. The management of DiversityQ has announced the list of top 10 international personalities who got into the

Importance of IoT Testing in Healthcare

 IoT testing is a type of testing that is used to check IoT devices, which are defined as non-standard computing devices to connect wirelessly to a network. These devices also have the ability to transmit data, or you can understand they can transmit multiple devices on the internet of things (

DevOps & Automation: Driving The Best Of Both Worlds

Things change with time, and so do the requirements of the mobile and web users who need software technology to keep up with their day-to-day routine. However, this change in needs from time to time has made the technology sector go through a rapid transformat

Testing Chatbots Leveraging AI-based Planning

A few years back, Chatbots were only used in customer-oriented environments or companies to enhance customer service. However, today, from retail, education, healthcare, insurance to every software company have its own chatbots on their website, which they are using to perform a wide varie

Tech Talks With Leandro Melendez

Automation Testing, Productivity, & Testing Challenges Of The Future At BugRaptors, we always strive to offer the most updated and experienced insights from throughout the industry to testing enthusiasts. More importantly, we believe that interacting with testing professionals from

Baseline & Benchmark Testing: Exploring The Dynamics Of Performance Testing

The criteria for the development of software and applications have evolved with time. And this evolution is not just limited to coding practices, but the introduction of software testing practices. To make the development process adaptive and effective, these software testing pra

How Is Machine Learning Redefining the Future of Software Testing?

Over the last decade, companies have seen in a hurry to deploy or deliver software more quickly. Today, Automation testing has become one of the most crucial technologies for scaling DevOps. Due to this, more and more time and effort are invested in the building of end-to-end software delivery pipel

The Future Of Online Education & Importance of Software Testing

Education is one of the most important aspects of our life, and technology has therefore made its move into this sector for years, improving the quality and standards for learning. From dedicated learning platforms to social media channels progressing towards learning, Education has completely

Why Is Testing So Important In Retail and How To Do It Right?

During the last few years, digital transformation, such as the adoption of online sales platforms, has heavily affected the retail industry. The rapid shift towards eCommerce solutions and the need to create an omnichannel experience have all changed

Tech Talks with Stephen Townshend

Exploring Performance testing, Productivity, and Testing Dynamics Over the years, Quality Assurance and Testing Services market has started to witness a rapid expansion across different industry verticals. It is only happening because of the highly informed audiences or users that have&

Selenium Version 4: An All-New Approach to Automated Testing

Selenium is the most popular tool suit when it comes to automated cross-browser testing of website applications. Moreover, the creator of WebDriver and Core Contributor to Selenium projects, named Simon Stewart, publicly introduced Selenium 4 in 2018.   Since then, the new version of Se

Why is Cyber Security Becoming A Boardroom Priority?

Highlights:   Cyber-attacks have significantly become more malicious from the last few years, causing much greater harm to organizations, especially when it comes to boosting cyber risk to principal risk status because it requires reporting under the new Corporate Governance

Tech Talks with Eran Kinsbruner

Taking insights into QA technologies like AI and ML while digging into the performance testing procedures  When the world of QA is expanding so rapidly, it is extremely important for us at BugRaptors to interact with industry experts from time to time. This not only helps us to gai

A Complete Guide To SAP HANA Implementation

SAP HANA is the SAP’s ERP Product Line which has SAP S/4HANA as its latest product in the line. The software was designed and introduced in 2015 using innovative database technology as the fourth-generation solution. The one thing that differentiated SAP HANA from

Verification and Validation in Software Testing

Diving Into The Core Of Software Testing Verification and Validation are the two most popular terms in Software Testing. However, most newbies who have started their career with development and IT operations tend to find it very confusing during the initial stages of their career.  Howeve

Why is Cloud Testing Important for Quality Video Collaboration?

Technology is transforming the way we access information and entertainment. Today, many people have started to ditch their cable TV subscriptions that cost about $100 a month, mainly when it comes to streaming video services such as Netflix, which cost as low as $10 a month. &nbs

What role does real-time and historical data play in quality control?

When it comes to data, there is one thing constant about it, “It Changes Every Single Second.”  From business emails to growth statistics, the information which was useful a day ago turns to be outdated, and your inability to align with data in real-time leads to m

Role Of Test Accelerators In ERP Operations For Large-Scale Organizations

When it comes to ERP testing, Test Accelerators support Test Automation to deliver more consistent, accurate, and faster testing, with brings more added value in testing and automation process to lower cost. With Accelerators, it is feasible to automate the entire software testing lifecycle in

Why QA and Testing are Important for the Healthcare Industry

You may know about the recent headline on April 2021 Healthcare Data Breaches, Ransomware attacks, and many other hacking incidents had harmed business associates of HIPAA-covered entities and multiple healthcare provider clients.   A similar incident also appeared&n

Tech Talks with Mark Winteringham

Talking about influencers has become the hot topic on social media these days, especially in the digital world, where we can connect online with anyone in the blink of an eye. The world is wondering how influencers do business by sharing their content on different platforms. But, at BugRaptors, we d

All You Need to Know about Popular CRM Testing

CRM Market Insights  According to a Study made by Fortune Business Insights, the international CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market size was USD 52.64 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.1% from 2021 to 2028

The Need Of Software Testing In A World Of Tech-driven Retail

Over the years, the entire concept of the retail industry has gone through a digital transformation. Right from the manufacturing stage to the inventory management, distribution, logistics, or direct sales, everything has turned extremely satisfying with the interception of software technology. 

BugRaptors Tech Talks Featuring Dmytro Shpakovskyi

Welcome to BugRaptors Tech Talks. My name is Rajeev Verma and I am the Project Manager at a CMMI Level 5 Certified Software Testing Company for over eight years. This time, I would like to introduce Mr. Dmytro Shpakovskyi as our tech talk e

Boost Your ROI With Mobile App Testing Techniques

When it comes to the invention of the decade, the first thing that is likely to hit your brain is mobile devices. From the most basic call layouts to advanced smartphones, it is the evolution of tech that has changed everything, either our day-to-day activities or work. Thanks to the millions of app

Way to Improve Automated ERP Testing: Discovering Five Threats to QA

During the last decade, ERP technology has turned to be the essence of every business. Whether it be the manufacturing industry or retail giants, every industry vertical strives to align well with ERP software for added productivity. However, the only thing where it makes the difference for those wh

COVID-19 And The State of US Healthcare System

The spread of novel coronavirus was one of the most catastrophic events in history. The pandemic has not only affected health across the globe but has spawned crises revealing all the limitations of the world healthcare system. However, the pandemic has signaled the need for reforms and leveraging t

Tech Talks With Stephen Kilbourn

Interviewing a Seasoned QA Industry Expert, Stephen Kilbourn BugRaptors Tech Talks is a community of technical professionals crafted to bring IT experts of Software testing companies & QA for discussion on multiple aspects such as latest software testing trends, Test Automation

Over the years, Banking services corporations have started to expand their business activities at an extensive rate. This transformation has started to occur due to the growing expectations of the stakeholders who want continuous improvements in delivery standards and quality of services.  

Guide : Why Applying Data Analytics to Test Automation is Important

In the digital world, most businesses need to obtain top-notch quality for software and applications but in minimal time. To turn this expectation into a reality, it becomes essential for software testing companies to consider the test automation for any test cycle as it allows to go live

QA Talks With George Ukkuru

Hello Everyone, this is Kanika Vatsayan, VP & Head Operations at BugRaptors. I would like to welcome all to our BugRaptors’ QA Talks. QA Talks, as most of you know, is a platform where we connect with different individuals to learn about their personal work experiences an

Software Testing Trends That Will Rule 2021

The concept of Quality Assurance emerges from the Middle Ages. In the traditional era, royal families purchased materials to build ships and preferred managers or professionals to obtain the quality of products. Nowadays, people prefer to choose quality assurance companies for software testing becau

BugRaptors Starts Its Software Testing Company In Australia

Within few years, BugRaptors has introduced various standardized QA, Specialized QA, and Test Advisory services in Suite 4004, 11 Hassal St Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia, with plans to expand its digital transformation capabilities for locals planning to resolve quality-cen

Why does Outsourcing Salesforce Testing Make a Lot of Sense?

The reason for Outsourcing Salesforce Testing makes good sense because business is always unpredictable with its own slow and peak seasons. You may not always have the same number of employees with the desired skills for your current workload.    Outsourcing to India can

BugRaptors COVID Task Force: Response, Support, & Care

The coronavirus global pandemic has made the world paralyzed – no access to vaccines, no oxygen support, no proper medication, no beds in hospitals. We’ve seen a lot of people dying due to COVID. Many of them have been affected and died not just because of the virus but be

For a long time, companies have invested heavily in optimizing their testing processes to ensure steady releases of high-quality software. When it comes to how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help in software testing, managing the software testing process becomes very challenging due to the vast co

SwiftnLift Ranks BugRaptors Among Top 10 IT Consulting Startups In 2021

BugRaptors (CMMI Level 5), a global leader in next-gen Software Testing Services and QA Solutions, has been mentioned by SwiftnLift in the List of Top 10 IT Consulting Startups in 2021.    SwiftnLift is The Best Business Magazine all over the world and renowned

Top 6 Factors Why Insurance Domain App Testing Is Important

Today, insurance companies are shifting their focus of IT investments from “business as normal” to legacy apps’ transformation, particularly making refinement in their business processes to boost customer loyalty and effectively meet the needs of new distribution channels. Due

Dealing with Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare Industry

Cyberattacks in life sciences and health sectors have surged in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In a dynamic world of intensifying and accelerating digitalization, cybersecurity is becoming the main driver of competition. Many cybercrime gangs promise to avoid attacks on health care institutes

Manifest Marks BugRaptors As Top Software Testing Companies In India

The Manifest Ranks BugRaptors on the top List of Software Testing Companies in India. The Manifest is the sister company of Clutch launched in February 2018 with a mission to help businesses build an online reputation.  BugRaptors is the top leader in

Generate & Manage Test Data with TDM (Test Data Management)

What is TDM (Test Data Management)?   The term ‘TDM’ is defined as Test Data Management that is crucial throughout the test life cycle. While testing the application, a tremendous amount of data is generated that is needed to manage carefully. Moreover, with an effective TDM

Tech Talks with Diana Oks

About Interviewee    An ISTQB Certified Automation Engineer, Diana Oks is no less than a superwoman. She holds a dual degree in Physics and Materials Engineering and is a proud mother of two kids. She is a seasoned automation testing expert and is currently working with Vulcan

Define the Term Super App?   The term ‘Super App’ is a platform for offerings and services, delivered through third-party integrations and in-house technologies. Initially, the word ‘Super App’ was derived by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis in 2010. H

Transforming Web Test Automation: RaptorVista Framework by BugRaptors

BugRaptors, a global leader in independent software testing and QA consulting, revealed the BugRaptors live Web Test Automation Framework named RaptorVista, crafted to fulfill the unique business needs and quality-made web applications with advanced test automation capabilities.  

Emulator and Simulator - A Comparison Guide

Mobile applications need an environment to run on. The environment is a function of software and hardware. To perform testing on the mobile app’s functionality, you will require a mobile lab to emulate a real-world scenario. For example, a person using a mobile app and the workflows being carr

BugRaptors Mentioned Among Top Software Testing Companies in USA

BugRaptors comes at 6th position in the overall list of ‘Top 14 Best Software Testing Companies in the USA’, published by Software Testing Help on its platform. To leave behind the noteworthy testing companies, BugRaptors is perceived to be No. 6 in terms of qual

Virtual Healthcare in 2021

Covid-19 has transformed the global health care sector forever. Technology has been so critical to the COVID-19 response at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) and various other health systems that blur the gap between traditional health care and digital health. Digital applications and t

Era of Hyperautomation

According to the study of Gartner on Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, Hyperautomation is defined as the “combination of multiple machine learning (ML), packaged software and automation tools to deliver work” and it deals with the application of advanced level o

The Growing Use of Medical IoT Devices and Cybersecurity

Due to growing data breaches and cyberattacks in the healthcare industry, the use of IoT devices for medical purposes will surely gain the public’s attention. The healthcare sector is vulnerable to cyberattacks, including malware, ransomware, DDoS, and crypto-jacking. In case of not providing

Clutch Spotlight: BugRaptors' Shining Women Leaders

Recently, the very popular B2B reviewing and rating platform, Clutch, has introduced the new hashtag #YesWomenCan, which goes viral on LinkedIn with women-owned businesses come into the spotlight.    BugRaptors Women, Yashu Kapila also expressed her ideas and views about

How to implement Big Data Testing in Healthcare?

One of the most potential benefits of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare is it helps insurers and healthcare professionals provide the best treatment and life-saving care. When it comes to assessing the validity and accuracy of claims, Healthcare insurers walk a fine line - risking

Interview With Anton Angelov On Automation Testing Strategy

We have very humbled to have QA session with Anton Angelov, The CTO and Co-founder of Automate The Planet Ltd and the creator of BELLATRIX Test Automation Framework and MEISSA Distributed Test Runner. Bellatrix by Automate the Planet is a Software Company that focuses on developing robust

Insurance App Testing: Major Test Coverage Techniques

The testing of an insurance application is necessary as this sector consists of different companies that provide risk management in the form of insurance contracts. Earlier, there were two insurance companies in India – General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) and Life Insurance

Global Expansion: BugRaptors' New Office In Canada

We are expanding and here we go with our new premise in Canada !! We have set up our new office in Canada, with a mission to serve both locals and international markets all over the world. BugRaptors paving a strong reputation in the worldwide market and understan

Wearable Device Testing - Best Approach to Follow

First of all, we have to analyze what is Wearable testing. Wearable is known as "wearables", it is a category of electronic devices and can be accessories like Smart clothing, Fitness trackers, Smart watches, Location trackers, Body sensors, Body-worn cameras, Smar

Service Virtualization in Automation Testing

Service Virtualization  Service virtualization allow the user to test the control system configuration without making any modifications to the configuration database and helps them complete their tests on the application under test (AUT). It is mainly used for testin

According to the research of globenewswire, the worldwide retail analytics market size grew up by USD 4.3 billion in 2020. It is projected to rise with USD 11.1 billion by 2025. The retail analytics market is growing due to major factors like many companies have started moving their customer&rs

How are large-scale Organizations executing their ERP Testing Strategy?

A few years back, only large-scale manufacturing companies used ERP systems to maintain their business processes with the utmost ease. But today, from startups, mid-scale firms to large-scale organizations, everyone today wants a business management software or an ERP software because it allows comp

Emerging Trends in Test Automation for 2021

When we ask customers what they expect from the test automation, the most common answer is that they want to reduce the time consumed to test the software before a release. On the “Heads” side of the coin, it is one tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits that you can acquire from tes

How Retail Sector Is Undergoing Transformation With IoT?

The retail sector is experiencing a rapid transformation, catapulted by numerous factors such as easy credit availability, growing household incomes, electronic retailing (e-tailing), favorable demographics, and increased consumerism. Retailers’ body Retailers Association of India (RAI) has

Healthcare Technology Trends Evolving In 2021

When the COVID-19 reached full speed last March, healthcare providers had to change their way of working overnight. What was never supposed before became the right solution to reduce the risk of coronavirus. No entries without wearing masks, serious precautions while checking patients, online m

Load Testing Implementation With Agile Approach

Your customers expect high performance from your web application. They hope that your web application will always work and fulfill all their needs without excuses. Performance is a measure of quality. In case of slow response on your site, the customer will feel that your web application is not work

Automate Software Testing with AI

Artificial Intelligence is a diverse field of computer science concerned with developing smart machines able to perform tasks that mainly require human intelligence. AI is defined as an interdisciplinary science with various approaches, but improvements in deep learning and machine learning are crea

Top Software Failures Due to Lack of Testing

The biggest software failures in history are IT outages, Ransomware attacks, including data leakages that have affected millions of customers and the world's biggest companies. Software failures can happen due to ambiguities, bugs, misinterpretation of the specification that the product/software

Saas, PaaS, and IaaS Explained - Examples, Comparison and Scenarios

Cloud computing is transforming the way users and businesses interact with mobile devices and computers. Gone are the days when people used racks of disk drives, expensive data centers, and even large IT support teams to manage and store a wide variety of their data.  Due to the rise of mode

Guidewire Testing: Achieve Higher ROI With Test Automation

The use of interventional radiology procedures in image-guided diagnosis and treatment of diseases has accelerated in the past couple of years. Interventional radiology is absolutely important for hepatobiliary, gastrointestinal, and pulmonary and genitourinary complications. The benefits of such mi

Explaining the Process of Continuous Integration & Continuous Testing

Continuous Integration (CI) is a development process in which developers incorporate or integrate code changes into a shared repository quickly, usually many times a day. Thereafter, the verification of each integration is done through an automated build and automated tests. The reason for performin

Quick Guide to Understand Everything about Regression Testing

Definition: Regression testing is a kind of software testing that ensures that the software which you developed and tested just a few days before still performs as expected and even if there are so many new changes made in its code. In other words, it is a partial or full selection of already imp

“For everything we don’t like to do, there’s someone who is outside of the company, who’s really good in the activity that you don’t want to do, but he can, wants to do it, and will enjoy it”. This is outsourcing, which is not a new concept. The idea of outsourcin

Yashu Kapila Interview With GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2016 and based in Emeryville, California, BugRaptors is a software testing company. The professionals adopt strategic initiatives, communication, and commitment to quality that exceed clients' expectations for low-cost and high-quality outsourced software testing solutions.

Techreviewer Recognizes BugRaptors As Top Software Testing Company

BugRaptors, a division of Seasia Group, is a CMMi 5 Level Company. It is one of the fastest-growing software testing companies and offers end-to-end testing solutions and QA consulting services. The proficient and dedicated team of dexterous testers strives to maintain a distinguished level of softw

Game Testing: Importance, Types, Techniques, Tools and Benefits

The game development process is incomplete without the game testing because it helps identify and document defects/bugs that your game contains, such as functionality bugs, in which some functions of the game don’t work correctly. For example, the game app crashes when you just open the settin

Data Warehouse Testing: Checklists, Challenges, and Tools

Data Warehouse Testing Data warehouse testing is a testing technique in which the data placed inside a data warehouse is tested for accuracy, integrity, reliability, and consistency in accordance with the company's data framework. Data warehouse testing aims to ensure that the data that is in

RPA in Healthcare- Why is it Vital?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a software technology or use of software bots to automate highly repetitive tasks, typically done by experienced workers. According to Gartner, the RPA ecosystem was the flourishing segment of the global enterprise software market in 2018. Currently, RPA adopt

The Ultimate Website QA Testing Checklist

In the digital world, every industry has a personal website. Based on the research, we have found the information from the, over 1.7 billion websites exist on the internet. Yet, this number fluctuates regularly, as some websites are lost, and some of them are newly launched.&nb

API Automation Testing, Benefits, Types and Tools

Before we move to API Automation Testing, we need to understand what an API is and why it is becoming the backbone for any software application. API (Application Programming Interface) allows the communication between two applications or components or computer hardware using a set of protocols. We

Web UI Testing - Complete Guide

The term ‘user interface’ is the important feature of the website, which helps users understand what the business is all about, what various functions are contained in the specific software or application, or how it runs. It is the first thing that attracts users to buy products and serv

Significance of Automation Testing Frameworks in QA

Software testing is used to test the application that you build from the development & designing team and in which they ensure that it is free of bugs and is perfect for experiencing the best online business. When you choose any company to test your software, just remember what promises you get

How Cyber Security Testing Keeps Your Business Safe?

We are living in a dangerous world where cyber threats are common in every business. Still, we can’t sit hand in hand, especially if the business is online & if the company is running with real-time web application/software & if you & your customers have too many expectations from

Types of Performance Testing

In this blog, we will read different types of performance testing, but before that, you need to understand what performance testing is all about. Performance testing is a kind of software testing that helps check whether the software or application can perform under heavy load and whether it can

Data Crunching : Everything You Need to Know

Introduction To Data Crunching In information science, data crunching is a method that is used to cover the analysis of data and make useful decisions from the vast amount of data and information (big data) if possible. It also refers to the early phase of data processing in which fresh data sets

A Day In The Life of A Software Tester

People pray every day for good health and long life, and a software tester prays every day - O Lord, the software which I’ve tested for my developers, enables them for the bug-free deployment of the final build. If you’re a tester, our blog post can help you relate your story. If you&

Exploratory Testing- The Ultimate Guide

The term ‘exploratory testing’ was invented in 1984 by Cem Kaner as a form of software testing for testers to perform all the activities at the same time and instantly. Whether it is the matter of planning, analysis, designing, or test execution, here everything is done simultaneously, w

How QA Helps Banking Sector In Their Digital Transformation

Advancing digital technologies are changing the way industries function; industries are getting the needed thrive from digital technologies. In order to meet the expectations of digitally equipped customers, every industry is relying on Quality Assurance (QA). Similar goes for the banking sectors,&n

How Test Automation Improves Quality in the Manufacturing Domain?

Test Automation - “Quality is free, but only to those who are willing to pay heavily for it.” In the digital world, quality is the most critical challenge faced by small to large scale businesses. The reason is customers are more demanding. They are more knowledgeable. Even they are s

JUnit Vs TestNG

Summary: JUnit and TestNG are the very popular unit testing framework used for the Java programming language. Testers are very familiar with these terms because every day, they work on it and discuss many more queries in their community. There are two or more programmer-friendly frameworks ava

Role of Test Automation in Functional Testing

The success of functional test automation depends upon the selection and implementation of the right test automation solution and the continuous improvement of the test suite. “A code that cannot be tested is faulty.” Testing has become an essential part of developing software and

E-Commerce App Testing - Challenges, Tips, Checklist and Test Cases

What Customers look for on an E-Commerce Website? If you’re a buyer like me, you notice when you’re visiting a good e-commerce website. Featured products visible on the homepage, add to cart button works very fine; everything feels interactive. Pages take no more than a second to load

Importance of Integration Testing in STLC

The process of testing the interface between two modules or two software units is referred as integration testing. It is a type of software testing in which various components such as hardware and software are combined to meet the wide variety of business requirements and expectations. Performing

Major Key Factors To Create A Test Automation Framework

Test Automation is the process of software testing which is performed by utilizing various test automation tools. It plays a vital role in the success/failure of any software automation project.  The type of test automation tools can either be open source or licensed versions. It is h

Compatibility Testing- A Key Factor In Digital Transformation

With the explosion of digitalization around the world, it is crucial to meet the expectations of the users. An app or software should be responsive in every environment and perform flawlessly on all platforms. To conform to such criticalities and ensure that the software or app has impeccable perfor

Mobile Automation Testing with Selenium and Appium

This blog will give you an overview of mobile automation testing using Appium. Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms.It is a Node.js server that automates native and hybrid mobile applications. We can write the tests in

7 Ways to Boost Test Automation Robustness

In agile development test automation has significant role. Test automation includes testing techniques like automated acceptance and regression testing and unit testing. Without automation testing team gets stuck in long and boring manual testing. But automation testing services needs to be

Security Threats and Tools That Will Secure the Future

The goals of security testing are simple: finding flaws in your software’s security mechanisms and possible vulnerabilities some may use for malicious impact. Meaning determining how exactly is the system vulnerable and what may such vulnerability lead to is what you are probably doing at y

Why We choose Selenium WebDriver Over Selenium IDE?

Most of the time, people investing in automated testing solutions tend to have queries related to the tools. Since selenium is one of the most popular and widely adopted automation testing solution, we at BugRaptors consider it as our responsibility to help our clients understand what is s

Some Of The Most Important Aspects of Testing E-Commerce Websites

These days it’s hard to find someone who isn’t shopping online. From modest openings, e-commerce firms have taken the consumer market by storm from the last decade. This is mirrored by the overall growth of Internet sales, which now account for a probable 15.5% of consumer spen

Can We Do Performance Testing Manually?

Yes, we can do performance testing manually. This is one of the strategies to execute performance testing, but it does not produce repeatable results, cannot deliver measurable levels of stress on an application and is an impossible process to organize. It also depends on what type of performance te

How To Overcome Agile Methodology Challenges?

Ever since agile development methodologies were presented in software development, the role of QA in agile projects has changed significantly. Now there is no team of QA sitting in a corner waiting for the development team to deliver a piece of work for testing. One of the most significant elements

Database Testing: The Inevitable Part Of Software Testing

A backend or database is the most important part of any client/server system. If the backend fails, it may cause data corruption, data loss, system deadlock, and bad performance. Many frontends log on to a single SQL server. A bug in a database may put serious effect on the whole system. Too many bu

What Does The Future Holds For Internet of Things (IoT) Testing?

The Internet of Things could be the biggest software development and testing opportunity of all time. Though devices such as tablets, phones, and wearables may already seem global, the IoT is a vast, networked array of sensors and embedded systems. It can eventually scale down all of them in its glo

BOTS: The New Perimeter and How to Perform Testing on it?

A bot is a software that is designed to automate different types of tasks you would usually do on your own like, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information and making a dinner reservation. These are the progressively common form of bots, chatbots, simulates convers

10 Ways Why Big Data Testing Is Beneficial For Digital Enterprises

When it comes to data, it means everything around us. From the web to conversations, we make with our friends on social media, everything eventually turns around to be information. Most importantly, all this data we browse and share becomes an asset for the business and research giants who make

Cloud Testing: The Future of Software Testing

Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which Web applications control Cloud computing environments. Over the last two decades, the bulk of applications were running on client/server architecture and data was firmly attached with applications in client/server architecture. Then the World W

Game Testing: Five Things Testers Should Keep in Mind

With rich graphics, features, and functionalities, the concept of video gaming has completely transformed. Over time, people have started to lean over video games for not only entertainment purposes but as a part of their professional life. And the hype simply reflects as the gaming industry has dev

Why Your Website Should Be Responsive?

A responsive design responds to different display sizes by changing the size and layout depending on the device. The main benefit is that mobile users will receive essentially the same experience of your website as your desktop visitors. Responsive web design is becoming gradually more popular

Return of Investment for Automated Testing

Test automation is often seen as a way to reduce the cost of the testing. It increases the test coverage, effectiveness of the testing and reduces the testing cycle. Many organizations consider automation testing as a vital step in establishing a mature Q&A program. But, manual testing can ne

Future Scope of Quality Control in the Software Testing Services

Due to high growth in the global software market, Quality Assurance and Quality Control are limited to desktops. It has a wide scope and the main focus has switched from desktops to mobile devices but the picture is changing nowadays. Some of the areas that are swiftly changing market trends are:

With the expansion of the mobile application market, the need for testing practices has significantly outgrown. Performance testing is one of such essential testing practices for mobile applications, done with the purpose to evaluate the performance of a mobile application.

Challenges While Performing Mobile Testing

With the rising use of mobile devices, companies are focusing on mobile app development. According to Statista’s forecast, “there will be 139 billion app downloads from Google Play Store alone while a whopping 45 billion from Apple App Store making a total of&nbs

Salient Tips for Writing Effective Test Cases

Test cases play an important role in any project as this is the basic step in any testing cycle. If anything goes wrong at this step the impression get deduce as you move forward in the testing cycle. A test case is a state under which a tester will decide whether an application/software system i

How To Reproduce A Non Reproducible Bug

In our day-to-day life, we all have various tasks to complete. Some of them are easy and the remaining is counted as Challenges. A software defect once found should be reproducible so that the tester can report it with conviction, a developer can fix it with ease and the Quality Assurance (QA) team

Strategies For Dealing With A Blocker Defect

Blocker! What a blocker defect is? In Software Testing, we come across various kinds of Defects. What is the extent of that defect and what should be the order to resolving that defect is the severity and priority of that defect? Now the question is how to decide the severity and priority of a bu

Why Security Testing Is Necessary For An Application?

While creating a product we analyze a lot of things to create a product with maximum efficiency. We spend 70 per cent of our money on the Quality Services of the product. After the creation of any product, the main concern is its Marketing, Productivity, Maintenance, and the most important thing

How to Deal with Bad Requirements as a Tester

Being a Software Testing Engineer, we often meet a situation where the requirements are not good enough to complete the flow of any process. Let me discuss a recent incident of my current project in which we are working on the last Sprint and we got a bug in the notification module which was a re

When it comes to the necessity of a Framework for Automation, the need could be explained by saying that to enhance the cost efficiency and time efficiency of your software product, creating or choosing the perfect Framework improves the entire process of working on automation scripts. In

Introduction to JMeter & How to View JMeter Test Results in Real-time?

What is JMeter? The Apache JMeter is completely Java open-source software. It was first developed by Stefano Mazzocchi who was working for Apache Software Foundation, designed to load test functional behaviour and measure performance. You can use JMeter to measure the performance o

How To Use Jenkins Tool In Software Testing & What Are Its Features?

Jenkins is an open-source tool that is simple, extensible, and user friendly. It perform continuous integration and provides CI services for application development. Its basic functionality is to execute a list of predefined steps. It continuously builds and tests the software keeping

How Continuous Integration Makes Testing Process Easy

CI(Continuous Integration) is a software development practice that immediately tests and reports the isolated changes when they are added to the code base. CI provides quick feedback so whenever a defect is introduced into the code base, it identifies and corrects it as early as possible. Here, each

How To Get Started With Robotium? Which Features Does It Support?

Robotium is a “Black-Box” testing tool that simulates and automates user interaction such as clicking, touching, entering text and any other gesture which is possible on a touch device. It is a test structure that was created to ease the writing of powerful and robust automatic black-box

Why Load Testing Is Important for Your Applications?

Load Testing strives to measure the system performance and ensures that it will work as expected in production. Additionally, load testing is performed to ascertain the system behavior under normal conditions and the estimated peak load conditions.  By that time, a software development proje

Introduction To Selenium 3.0: An Upgradation Using GeckoDriver

Selenium 2.0 was released in 2011 and introduced the new WebDriver APIs that encouraged everyone to start moving to them. Selenium 3.0 is a simple drop-in upgrade version if you're currently using the WebDriver APIs. None of the WebDriver APIs has been changed, and the code is essentially the sa

Software Testing: How To Enhance Values Of A Tester Who Don't Code?

Software testing is a process in which investigation is conducted to provide the information to the stakeholders about the quality of the product or service which is under test. Software testing provides an objective, independent view of the software so as to allow the busin

Introduction To PhantomJS: A Headless Browser For Automation Testing

A headless WebKit that offers native and quick support for a number of web standards. PhantomJS is scriptable with a JavaScript API and permits webpage capturing, pages manipulation, access to the file system and page settings. Also, it contends with mobile Webkit, which supports touch events. He

Top 5 Software Testing Traps & How To Overcome Them?

Being a software tester, you might face situations that challenge your efficiency and effectiveness as a tester. Testers must be aware of the hurdles, mistakes and traps that they may encounter in their lives. Following are the top 5 traps that you will ever run into in your software testing career

How To Improve Test Release Process For Bug-Free Software?

For a successful bug-free software release to the production or client, the process starts from the ‘development phase’ and continues up to the ‘testing phase’. These processes must not be overlooked as it could lead to the release of a ‘buggy’ software to th

Why Is The Accessibility Testing Important?

As we all know, Technology, particularly the web has introduced new worlds for everyone who uses it. But have you ever given a thought about how the capability to access technology influences the lives of those with special needs?  Imagine a person is blind yet he/she is 

Software development has always offered a testing challenge because there are stages when it makes sense to have a small testing team and stages where you need to rise up noticeably. It’s hard to uphold a large QA department unless you have a wide range of coinciding projects at different stag

A Context-Driven Approach To Automation In Testing

Outline: "To help ourselves test better, Context-Driven testers use tools. But, there is no such thing as Automation” While reading the James Bach's blog, I found an interesting view about “Automation” in testing from Michael Bolton and James Bach. Quotes: The gov

How to Select Test Management Tool For Manual and Automated Testing?

Test management is the process of tracking test cases, executing and documenting tests. A test management tool is used by QA teams and testers to manage manual or automated tests that were earlier designed by stakeholders or testers(it is usually based on the necessities for a software project).

How To Improve Test Case Efficiency?

In the software programming and development world, the best software developers always write their unit test cases first keeping in mind the functional requirements before starting their coding phase which improves their coding quality and efficiency. Relatively, software testers should write tes

How to Perform Mobile Interruption Testing

Due to advancements in mobile technology, over six billion users are turning to smartphones. Today every smartphone release with plenty of new features. Undoubtedly, we have access to top-notch smart devices, plenty of mobile software products, and numerous applications for personal comput

The Most Captivating Features of iOS 10

1. Apple Mail Fast Unsubscribe: Emails which you have not unsubscribed will be displayed at the top of list with an “Unsubscribe” button. Unread Only: Now you can see all the unread mails by changing the default setting to ‘Filtered by: Unread’. Quick Actio

Mobile Apps Automation Testing Tools- Reduce Your Test Time To Market

Most important part of every software development process is ‘Testing’ and with mobile applications it has become even more important. Enormous fragmentation of OS, screen sizes, variations of standard OS and more can be witnessed due to the growing number of mobile devices. With agile p

Why Do You Need To Perform Application Compatibility Testing?

Compatibility testing is a type of non-functional testing. It is a type of software testing that is done to ensure that the system/application/website built is compatible with various other objects such as other web browsers, operating systems, users and hardware platforms etc. In today’s t

Role of QA in the Age of DevOps

DevOps can be defined as an extension of the agile software development approach which enables simultaneous software coding and testing along with continuous collaboration among the concerned departments. In today’s era, organizations are transforming from traditional methodologies of software

Technological Trends For Software Testing In 2017

The year 2016 has witnessed a lot of technological trends in the field of Data and Security. It is not wrong to say that 2017 will take this game to the next level and reinforce a strong need for robust testing methods. Today, Testers and developers are increasingly collaborating in order to build f

Imperative Tools For Testing Cross-Browser Compatibility

With the availability of a wide range of web browsers, the end-users are using a great variety of web browsers to access the web applications. Thus, it has now become crucial to test web applications on multiple browsers. The client components like JavaScript, AJAX requests, Applets, Flash, Flex etc

Strategies To Improve Effectiveness Of Test Automation & ROI

In today’s era, most enterprises and QA managers are adopting automation testing to speed up the test time to market and thereby enhancing the software quality. Automated testing tools are capable of executing the test cases, reporting the outcomes and comparison of results with the previ

Strategies For Test Data Generation That Will Ease Your Worries!

The testing process deals with large amounts of data and the data it involves describes the test conditions and represents the medium through which the tester influences the software. Test data is the most pivotal part of functional testing. One needs to have the complete understanding of the defini

What Will Testing Look Like in Year 2020?

One thing which we were observing since the year 2001 was how testing activities integrate with SDLC in early stages by using methodologies such as Agile. Agile was used by many organizations for shortening their development time. Also, the use of virtualization, cloud computing, and service-or

Test Data Management: Need For Business Success

Test Data Management plays a crucial role in the testing life cycle. It can be deployed on the premises and in the cloud. It provides integrated business classification, data discovery and policy-driven data for the safe use of production data used in test and development environments. The quantity

Challenges and Opportunities Faced While Migrating To Selenium

Organizations are getting digitally powered and are liable for ensuring digital empowerment for their customers. The Gartner's CIO Agenda (2016) Survey data recommend that digitalization is mounting. Private-sector CIOs are expecting that in the next coming five to six years digital in

Why Quality Assurance is a Necessity for Digital Payments?

Digital payments are responsible for empowering individuals and businesses who are planning to make a transaction via online or digital modes. Companies that are already well-established are devising new strategies to stay relevant and maintain their market dominance.   Digital payments

How To Perform Mobile Automation Using A Framework?

With the growing demand for mobile applications, new applications are developed in order to cater to various platforms. Therefore, it has become imperative to have a robust automation framework that can help automate applications on any platform. The framework is a combination of test-data handling,

Introduction to Testing in Production & Tips to do it the Right Way

Testing in production (TiP) can be described as the process of performing several types of software tests in a production environment where it is accessible to the end-users. It is quite rare to find a test environment that is exactly the copy of the production environment, so the scale is not the s

Most Common Challenges Faced by Digital Banks & E-Wallets

Banking and financial services are, however, rapidly transforming in the digital era. With the emergence of advanced technologies, banks are facing massive pressure to increase their efficiency and flexibility, and subsequently, lower their costs. It is really important for the banks and customers t

For any project, success depends upon the quality of the product being delivered and also at the speed of its delivery. As the product continues to grow, the testing time and efforts also grow exponentially. This results either in delaying the release or withholding the testing. Agile came into t

What is Cross Browser Automation Testing & How to perform it?

Cross-browser testing is a technique that is used to test the behaviour of a website or an application in multiple browsers. It is necessary to ensure that your web application or website is performing accurately on all the browsers due to the fact that browsers have a different method of prese

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

Regression testing is complex when the interface is reformed. It is possible that many of the current test cases cannot be performed with the new interface. This can bound automation in regression testing and therefore considerably increase the cost of regression testing.   That’s

How to Plan a Software Localization Testing Strategy ?

Software localization is a process of interpreting and familiarizing a product such that it can be advertised to users whose languages and cultures differ from that of the original authors. It is a tiresome and arduous job that is difficult to completely automate. Fortunately, best practices exist t

TestNG framework and its benefits over JUnit framework.

TestNG is a testing framework stirred from NUnit and JUnit but presents some new functionalities that make it much easier and more powerful. It is an open-source automated testing framework; in which NG means Next Generation. TestNG is much more influential than JUnit b

Effective Ways Followed By QA To Speed Up The Software Release Process

Software testing is a process of improving the quality of developed software by finding bugs during the whole software application development phase. QA plays a very crucial role in delivering quality software into the market and also helps in organization overall growth. There are several ways thro

Why An Expert Video Game Tester is a Factor your Business Needs?

The gaming industry has gained tremendous growth and popularity with the evolution of new generation computers and consoles, being video games a favourite hobby of many. With increased popularity, complexity also continues to increase. The need for detail-oriented and dedicated testers is growing at

Purpose and Process of Reporting: In software test automation after completion of the test suite execution we need to have a report for the execution status and it is the only way of evidence for the “Pass” and “Fail” status of the tests. And most of the clients bother abo

Much Awaited Features Of Latest iOS Version 11.0

The new version of iOS '11.0' released in September 2017 and it has been one of their biggest update. All new features has improvised the feel of iPad and made the use of iPhone even more easier. There are a number of features to explore, which have been listed and explained below: 1. The

Growth in Banking & Financial Applications: Increased Demand of QA

In today’s era, the BFSI industry has been revolutionized by the latest trends and digital initiatives like Mobile wallets, P2P Transfers, Ping pay, Omni Channel banking has digitally transformed the world. The banking domain involves intricate functionalities and a functional framework spread

Technological Trends for Software Testing In 2018

The software testing community has come through many interesting trends through the year 2017. These trends mainly include the newly introduced practices in software testing. Trends like adopting newer test automation tools & practices and DevOps are found to be usually followed, which in turn h

Test Automation Of APIs Using Postman

API is Application Programming Interface. It is used to establish communication and data exchange between two software systems. A software system implementing an API consists of various functions and sub-routines which can be executed by another software system. API testing is totally different from

How To Maximize Test Coverage In Less Time Achieving Fruitful Results?

In order to ensure that the software you ship is the best possible quality, for this, you need to maximize your test coverage. It also measures the amount of testing performed by a set of tests and also gathers the details about which parts of a program are actually executed when running the test se

Why We Need Application Testing In Different Networks Environment?

When we talk about our network’s stability, we should consider one thing that latency and packet loss are built in properties of mobile networks. There are many mobile network simulator tools available in the market which allow you to test your application in different network conditions. But

How To Run Parallel Execution In Selenium Grid Using TestNG?

Selenium Grid is a proxy server that enables the user to run tests in parallel on multiple machines. It manages different browser versions and configurations centrally. Selenium Grid allows the selenium test scripts to route the commands to remote web browsers. Two versions of Selenium Gri

Accelerate Time To Market with Cloud-Based Mobile Device Lab

In Today’s scenario, organizations have various numbers of applications that need to be tested across multiple platforms, operating systems, and device types. It becomes very chaotic to maintain a variety of mobile phones and tablets with the latest Android or iOS updates available across all

Some of The Cheats To Test Latest Version Of iOS 11

With the great changes in the iOS latest version 11, there arises a great need to find out the ways to cater the scope of testing for the same. Some cheat codes to test the latest changes are listed here: 1. Enhanced Maps: The Maps now also show speed limits, and indoor maps within shopping malls

Jenkins: Tutorial For Beginners

What is Jenkins? Jenkins is a very famous open-source tool that perform continuous integration and delivery of projects. Nowadays most software companies use/integrate Jenkins into a large number of deployment and testing technologies. The role of Jenkins is to test and build the software co

Technological Advancements In Communications Industry Demands Software Testing

With the technological advancements in the Communication sector over different periods of development, it is very important to have a robust back-end IT system to support the technology move. The high demand for innovative services has badly affected the profits for telecom operators. The latest ser

Influence Of Emphasized Automation In CI

Software systems are an integral part of life from business applications to consumer products. Quality has become a major paradigm these days. Software testing itself is a vast area to be classified. Primarily, testing can be performed in two ways; either manually or automated testing. It is very cr

Efficient Ideas To Explore The Types Of Requirements For Testing

Whenever we test an application, the main point in mind is to verify the requirements. But, we normally find the client providing feedback, even if all the requirements are met. Now, why exactly the client provided the feedback becomes a concern. To simplify this concern, the testers need to make su

Introduction to Automated Testing Life-Cycle Methodology

What is Automated Testing Life-Cycle? Automated Testing Life-cycle Methodology is the process of testing which is executed in planned and a systematic manner. In this process, different activities are carried out to improve the quality of the product. It is best to increase the efficiency, covera

Introduction To Installation Testing and Associated Benefits

Installation testing is a testing activity which is performed to evaluate whether all the necessary components related to the software are installed properly and working as per the software requirements. The process is carried out in an artificial environment to verify if the software product has be

Key factors on Conflict-Of-Interest before outsourcing UAT

In today’s era, the demand for the online business like e-commerce, retail, and online banking is increasing very frequently. Day by day these online businesses have become very famous, most of the people like to use online services and in the business world there are huge opportunities to exp

The Most Effective Techniques For ERP Testing

While any organization implements ERP in their system, testing is one of the most important parts to cater to. It is basically done before the company launches an application in the market and ERP testing continues after the software becomes live also. Thus, testing is always considered to be a regu

Challenges and Resolutions for User Acceptance Testing

UAT is a condemnatory component of any software application.  The main aim of the user acceptance testing is to execute and test whether the system or product completes all the business and user requirements in terms of security, reliability and easy accessibility. UAT executes well over multip

Comprehensive Guide to Testing Installers & Installation Testing

Many of us face problems while installing the application in our daily lives. Problems like, application is taking long time to install or installation process gets cancelled itself due to storage issues, cache issues, use of old OS. What is the general step that we take if an application fails to i

How To Automate API's Testing With Selenium Webdriver?

An application programming interface(API) consists of a set of standards and programming instructions for accessing a Web tool or Web-based software application. The Application Program interface is a set of protocols, routines and tools required for building software applications. An API speci

Significant Reasons That Call For Investment In Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a type of testing which ensures that applications will perform well under the expected workload. Performance testing helps to check the behaviour of an application across various situations. An application can work effectively within a particular number of users but might get

Introduction to Ranorex Automation Tool: Components & Features

What is Ranorex? Ranorex is a software testing tool that provides test automation for multiple environments, devices, and software applications. It allows the users to perform functional testing on desktop, web, or mobile applications. It supports various user interface technologies that include

Why To Choose HP UFT: Automation Testing Tool

HP Unified Functional Testing is a functional testing tool that integrates the features of various other HP products (Quickest Professional, WinRunner, and HP Service Test). Functional tests are automated by recording the actions of a user on the application or system under test. Scripts are used to

How We Can Measure Server Performance Using JMeter?

Performance Testing works as the process of measuring a system’s performance by increasing the demand on the system. It is performed to ascertain a system's behavior under normal as well as the estimated peak load conditions.   JMeter is a segment of the Apache Open-Source pro

Usability Testing: How to Do It & Its Benefits for Business

Digital transformation is earning a lot of attention these days while the path to digital transformation is restricted with various challenges. The varying nature of user expectations is one of the major challenges faced at the time of delivery of a flawless website or application. If a product is l

BugRaptors in the List of Global Top Developers by Clutch

One of the renowned B2B reviews and rating platform Clutch recently revealed a list of top development companies across the globe. The report recognized numerous companies on the basis of their services, commitment, and verified client feedback. BugRaptors was highlighted among the top 200 compan

QA At Its Best: BugRaptors Gets the ISO 27001 Certification

BugRaptors is now certified as a leading ISO 27001 Certified Company that provides exceptional software testing and quality analysis services. The company holds great expertise in providing the best services in the domain of software testing and has been providing certification for its suitable secu

BugRaptors Featured In Worldwide Digital Assurance Market Research Report

BugRaptors is one of the promising companies in the world that were listed in the annual report published by Global Digital Assurance Market Research. The 2019’s report highlighted BugRaptors as one of the leading companies that deliver quality services and client satisfaction with their top-n

Recognition As Top-Ranked Software Testing Company by ITFirms

"ITFirms announced BugRaptors as the top software testing companies in the world for 2019" July 12, 2019 - BugRaptors, the elite software testing firm recently announced that the company has top-ranked on ITFirms recent report of “Top Software Testing Companies.” Based on

BugRaptors become "Global Alpha Testing Solution Provider"

India, November 19, 2019: BugRaptors, a global leader, missioned to deliver real value to global organizations and businesses has been listed as one of the top software testing and QA company in the Global Alpha Testing solution provider list 2019-2025 through the market research report.,

The Rising Demand & Flourishing Software Testing Market

The software testing market is gaining popularity these days, majorly due to test automation services used amongst SMEs and large enterprises. Automation testing services not only help in reducing the test turn-around time and testing costs but also enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the testin

Efficient Ways To Implement Smoke Testing

Assume you have a big idea for a new product or its feature. Prior to investing loads of money and time into it, you need to authenticate it. In other words, you need to be sure that your indented target is just as excited about the idea as you are. So, how can you authenticate the ideas or your

Testing With An Eye For Detail: Penetration Testing

There is nothing wrong in saying that almost every day we wake up to the latest headline related to the cybersecurity attack. Confidential records (data) and billions of dollars get hacked in fractions of seconds. If there are security breaches or any other interruptions in the performance of applic

How To Test Your Android App: Key Techniques To Get You Started

Why is Mobile Testing important? Mobile phones have become a basic necessity these days, and lots of people operate websites or applications via Mobile devices. According to a recent study, Android OS has around 76.5% of the share of the total mobile users. Keeping this in mind, the majority of o

What Is ETL Testing & How To Enforce It In Data Warehouse?

Extraction, Transformation, and Loading are the three tenets that will help you in checking the efficiency of the data. Before we go any further, do you know what ETL testing is? Majority of you I bet don’t know much about it. And that’s the reason for me to write this blog. Her

Tools That Have Made Cloud Testing Easy

Testing on cloud will chaperon to number of benefits to an organization in provisions of expenditure and possessions. It is something like “service on demand” or “testing on demand”. The cost of hardware, software, tools, tester etc. is charged on usage basis. Are you conf

Measure Performance of Apps With Performance Testing Tools

Performance is a major factor of better user experience, so you required a tool that measures the system performance in all aspects like in case of system speed or response to access the web applications. If the performance of the Application is not Good then what? After 3 to 4 seconds 40 to 5

Delivering E-Commerce App for Retail Business with Software Testing

So, you are the owner of a retail business, and your desire is to take your businesses to the next level in the age of digitalization. But do you know anything about your KPIs? I mean, what are your KPIs for that? Well, the KPI of your business entirely depends on you. However, in order to

Accelerate the Growth of Your Organization with Third-Party QA

In today’s era, software quality is of utmost importance. Do you want to use an application that is slow, insecure, and less user-friendly with poor functionality? The answer would always be a No. Due to high competence and the hurry of releasing the product onto the market, organizations tend

Why Cyber Security is Important for Your Website?

You can be the next target! Number of Cyber Security beached has grown up steadily over the past few years. For example: For the past few months Ransomware Wannacry made headlines by breaching into numerous companies and payment is demanded before ransomed data is accessed and decrypted to the vi

What Is Data Integrity & How To Enforce It In A Database?

Data Integrity resembles an umbrella that refers to the accuracy, consistency, and correctness of data stored in a database. Data integrity is not about physical security, fault tolerance, or data preservation (backups). One can also think of data integrity in terms of an old objective as: 'garb

Top 100 Software Testing Tools: A Comprehensive List

All over the world, enterprises have been experiencing night terrors about online financial threats, security being sacrificed, threats known as Black Fridays and many more. Hence, insurance of a level of performance along with reliable security and extensively improved experience is a basic must-ha

Strategic Importance of ERP Stress Testing for Operational Excellence

What type of Testing is required in ERP-based Projects? The question here is out in the open and the answer lies in the realm of test automation. Automated testing is basically recommended for ERP testing as manual testing requires a lot of time to finish a single round of testing. It is proved,

Responsibilities of QA Team in Agile Software Development

We are hired in a company means, we have certain responsibilities towards our role and job and hence the responsibilities of a QA in an Agile environment. Old is not always gold!! Thinking of the QA team we get reminded of the traditional ways where developers would first build a specific feat

Different Types of User Acceptance Test, Are You Performing All?

It is frequently noticed that while the testing team emphasizes manual and automation testing, still several bugs are reported by the end-users. As it involves subject experts along with managers, it is essential to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) along with the conventional QA process. The

Cloud Load Testing Strategy to Enhance Your Business

When we are implementing load tests, we need to penetrate into the system to evaluate how the system behaves under test for network, CPU, I/O, Exceptions, etc. In addition, we want detailed diagnostics when things break. Moreover, we need to define VUM i.e. Virtual User Minute: One minute of l

Is it achievable for your web page to be excessively accessible?  You want to include everyone by making your information accessible. Great accessibility doesn’t just happen. Is your website Accessible to all the people? A good web application should cater to all sets of people and

Selenium over the years has become a name synonymous with automated web testing. And people who are associated with quality assurance industry and use of Selenium are also familiar with Selenide.   Though selenium has evolved with time to become a dynamic testing resource, selenide was

Augmented Reality Application Testing: Is It Really Worth Investing?

The technology field is moving with leaps and bound. Keeping up to date with latest trends and innovations is a necessity if you belong to this domain, that’s why we, at BugRaptors are exploring the world of Augmented Reality and what it means for your business. What is Augmented Reality (A

Major Fascinating Features in iOS12 Enlisted for iOS Users

Still wondering about the latest update offered by Apple to its iOS users and still baffled whether you need to update or not? Well, in that case, you have landed at the right place! Here’s the list of amazing features offered in the latest iOS 12 that every iPhone and iPad user ought to know.

Why RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) Is Important In Testing?

In this whole process of creating a product, the most important part is gathering requirements and keeping track of them whether those requirements are fulfilled or not. That’s where RTM plays a big role. It keeps track of every requirement. Be it from Client Side or User side requirements, RT

How To Use Ignore Annotation In JUnit?

JUnit is an open source framework for Java programming language which is used for writing and running tests. This practice helps developers to discover failures in their logic behind the code and improve the quality of their code. Also, JUnit testing can be used in order to guarantee that, the code

Approach For Selenium - Why To Use It

Selection of a tool for your project that will satisfy all the technical and business agenda is a very hard task. Solely depending on marketing information is not a solution. You need to have comprehensive research and experience to select the most appropriate one for a project. Confused between

How does Usability Testing Help in Building Successful Apps?

Any product that you've created doesn’t make any sense unit it passes the usability tests. Just imagine, you build an app with great thought and purpose, and you launch it without confirming whether it will help your actual users or not. This means you don’t even understand how your

Is ETL Testing Really Important For Your Business?

In today’s era, the demand for Database Warehouse testing is increasing very frequently. In the business world and IT industry, there are considerable opportunities in ETL Testing, because to protect data from and the daily maintenance of data is essential. ETL testing is required for day to d

Need For Software Testing In Utilities Sector

Even though the Energy and Utilities sector has been going through its own set of challenges over the last few years, some of the world-renowned surveys agencies such as IDC (International Data Corporation) predict that utilities will take on at least 40% of their earnings using new business models

Why We Choose Java Over The Python In Selenium Web Driver?

Most software testing companies prefer to use selenium web driver with Java for testing of web applications. However, using python instead of Java offers ease of writing scripts.   This often brings testers to the question that which combination is better for selenium tes

An Update To Software Testing Trends

In the past few years, an enormous change has been noticed in the Software Testing domain. Let it be a self-driven car, a social networking website, or a piece of medical equipment, the software functioning and quality have to be made sure before making the products live. With the fastest evolvin

3 Reasons Why to Invest Your Time and Money in Regression Testing

Have you ever experienced any problem while using an application which earlier was working fine? This might be due to the changes made during the maintenance or up-gradation of the application. Where is the Problem? The problem here is due to in-efficient testing of the application. The change

Software Testing Trends For 2019. What To Expect?

Classical approaches for software testing and using old practices for testing the application is not going to bear good fruits in the present context. So, technological advancement is the need of the hour if we are bound to produce quality in the software so developed. Where is the change now?

DevOps For Software Testing (Updated)

Instead of DevOps being an extension to Agile, the software testing strategies in DevOps and Agile are very different to each other. DevOps is more of an advanced approach that calls for automation in the entire software delivery lifecycle to keep things streamlined.   For most&nbs

Technological Trends For Software Testing In 2019

Software testing comprises ways to analyze a software item to detect defects. Also, it aims to evaluate the features of the software product. Hopefully, 2019 will yield a vital year in software testing. However, the technological shift has just begun. As we have stepped into 2019, we should ex

Learn about Monkey Testing: A Unique Style Of Manual Testing

Not every user uses an application in a similar way; each user has its own mind with a different type of scenarios. Thus to cover every scenario a particular conventional way of testing is not sufficient. So, What’s the Best Approach? Monkey Testing Indeed!!! Now, consider a scenario

Over the years, the development of smartphones and mobile devices has changed the way people used to interact with applications. This is why most application development companies these days prefer to invest in automated application testing solutions to meet their usability, functiona

Why Software Testing Is Very Important For Banking Applications?

There is no association that can continue on the same pattern of services. It has to change constantly as it is the key factor to the formation and success of any association. In a similar fashion, there is a constant change in financial Industry and it’s because of this constant change, IT co

Agile Testing: The Way It Can Help Your Business

Every business around the globe is struggling to achieve digital excellence so as to stay ahead of their competitors and meet the evolving needs of the consumers. Although speed is an ideal factor in delivering a software product, quality also remains an imperative part of it to ensure the stability

Role Of Software Testing In Healthcare Industry

In order to understand the role of software testing in the Healthcare Industry at first, we need to understand the abstract view on the basis of which Health care industry works. In an overall manner entire healthcare sector can be clubbed into a single unit which basically consists of Hospital, Doc

FinTech Industry And The Need Of QA

Why is FinTech so popular? Financial firms are rapidly using technology to transform their businesses. FinTech refers to various financial technologies used to automate processes in the financial sector, from routine, manual tasks to non-routine, cognitive decision-making. Many areas of finance a

RPA- The Need Of Near Future Hour In Testing World

RPA is defined as … It’s true, there is competition everywhere these days and by that, I mean in, really every field we can imagine. In the IT industry, organizations are facing an unending challenge of speedy movement while managing the operational costs and simultaneously increasin

Automated Testing & Test Automation: The Differences

All the non-IT people may think that these two terms: Automated Testing & Test Automation, are the same thing. It’s just the words are put in a different order. But being IT people, we should be aware of the fact that these two terms have quite a shade that we may need to consider. Firs

Quality Assurance To Quality Engineering - Evolution For Enterprise

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz around the term “QA vs. QE.”   In earlier days, developers used to rely on quality assurance analysts in order to know the quality of software prior to deployment. Considering the customary waterfall operational model—in which products

Cucumber: Best BDD Tool For Automation

Based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework, Cucumber is an automation tool which is used to write tests for a web application. Using cucumber user can easily automate the functionalities and the format used is easily readable just like plain English. Let us know more about it. Why wa

What is IoT, IoT Testing & What are Its Challenges?

Earlier, people thought that the term IoT (Internet of Things) was the concept of science fiction films. Thanks to data analytics and communication technologies, both have helped IoT gain vast popularity in the digital market. And, today, the IoT has become the biggest enabler in our life. &nbs

Top Factors Of A Successful Mobile Application Testing Strategy

Why is Mobile Testing Important? In this newfangled era, the usability and dependency of smartphones have expanded. Mobile testing has become a formidable task. The increase in usability of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have stoked up the growth of mobile application development i

Importance And Benefits Of Software Testing In Telecom Industry

What is Telecom Testing and its Importance? Telecom testing is characterized as the process testing of Telecommunication software for different verticals. This is because of the long term movement of the telecom segment to computerized systems of

How Can Digital Payment Solutions Be Better With Test Automation?

Digital payments are on hype these days; especially in this modern era. Every day people are shifting to non-cash payment methods which are more convenient and straightforward to transfer money across bank accounts. Demonetization is another critical factor that has triggered the use of digital p

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Software Testing?

Software testing is an important phase in making the product reliable and satisfactory for the customers. Since customers' satisfaction is always the main focus, from time to time, we keep on working on new technologies and processes to ensure the quality of the product. Artificial Intel

How Machine Learning Can Be Used In Software Testing

Every other day new technologies are emerging into the market making life easier, faster and smoother. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are technologies that are now a part of our lives. In day-to-day life, we use Smartphones, electronic cars, drones, which are boon from AI. Apple’

IoT Testing and its Importance across Spectrum of Industries

We are living in the 21st century, where almost many intelligent things are run by the internet, and the things that are connected to the internet are called the Internet of Things. Today, real estate agents are focusing on selling smart homes because those homes are easy to connect with t

The epoch when Security Testing was compared to a ‘strong firewall’ is over and done. Lately, companies have started looking at ‘not so obvious’ security startled. People tend to assume that security is unease just for peripheral end applications. Although in the same way, it

Progressive Web App (PWA) Testing

As the world is growing fast in electronics, digital and mobile technologies, smartphone users are also increasing day by day and so is the usage of internet data. Recent developments in new technologies are helping users to get familiar with smartphones and are helping them to find easy ways to sur

Exploratory Testing: A Useful Technique to Enhance Software Quality

With time, Quality Assurance has become the most significant part of the software development practice meant to overcome any unexpected challenges related to development and release. However, the process usually needs testers to locate all the bugs and correct anything negative that might hamper the

Test Management For Large Scale Projects

Scope The major purpose of this document is to provide a set of application software test management guidelines to ensure that computer systems are adequately tested to pursue reliable and quality computer systems. Also, this document is to give a set of guidelines for reference by application

How Test Automation and DevOps Will Impact QA?

Every business has three crucial aspects related to any project - Quality, Cost & Time. High-Quality output is the main focus of every project and this can be achieved by controlling the cost and the time required for completing the project. To keep up with customer preferences and stay compe

How to Use QA to Build Your Infrastructure More Smarter?

In recent times, a majority of enterprises have transformed the way they operated, switching from traditional methods, and relying on technology evolution. In fact, entrepreneurs have started using trending technologies in their business, including- machine learning, intellectual analytics, virtu

Top 7 Business Benefits of DevOps

2019 is a time of innovation; it's a year which makes century-old companies reconsider their business approaches right from the starting. This innovation has brought technologies like agile, digital disruption, and lean into the play. These avant-garde technologies have led businesses to address

Can QA Really Help E-Commerce Businesses?

In this modern era, there's no doubt is accepting that trading and marketing are something which has taken an impeccable role in the lives of people. E-commerce has a long way to go ahead. However, whenever it comes to e-commerce, there is one thing to which you need to pay the utmost attention,

Best Ways For Application Performance Testing

Performance testing is also popularly known as “Perf testing” and comes under the performance engineering field. It focuses on non-functional testing to ensure that software applications work under the expected load. The goal of Performance Testing is not to find bugs but to eliminate

BlockChain Technology Evolution : Testing and Tools

Blockchain is a digital ledger whose growing list of records (called blocks) are added together in blocks forming a never-ending chain, that’s why we called block-chain. This digital ledger possesses irreproducible attributes that make it special. Blockchain Testing Testing the blocks th

Web Test Automation Framework: Challenges and Benefits

In today's technology marketplace, people demand convenience, safety, comfort, innovation, design, and more from their products and services. Add to the list the preference to have these features immediately available, and you begin to wonder how companies find time to make any product appealing

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) - Process Overview

In today’s era of technology, the significance of software testing is an essential part in order to improve the quality of a Software product. During the development of any software product, errors can pop up in any of the phases of the Software development life cycle and some of them remain u

Why Does Your Business Need A QA Plan?

Quality is the prerequisite when it comes to software for business. Imagine you want a software for your business, and after months of the tedious development process, you get a buggy app!   Not cool right?   That is the reason you need a plan where you can test and fix iss

Automation Market summary Test automation software’s are totally serving to a big selection of sectors in optimizing software test take a look at processes, reducing the task compilation time, and transferal potency in business operations. The market has gained Brobdingnagian interest from

A Complete Guide To Outsource QA Software Testing

The increasing demand for quality software system applications forces enterprises to stay up with correct testing activities. Outsourcing may be used as a technique to spice up your business by assigning projects, be it complete or apart and therefore specializing in core values of the business and

How To Achieve Great UX With The Help of QA?

Achieving great UX is not just about the right planning & prototyping. It is also about the way you test your design for all types of flaws you can find to make the journey of your audience seamless. To help you find all the answers in attaining a great UX, we present to you a simple solution: U

How Industry 4.0 Can Harness The Power of Quality Assurance?

We are living in an era of digital transformation. The whole transformation was brought about when the analog information was converted into digital data. Digitalization has been enabled by the increase in digital data. The technology has been playing a great role in shaping industries and businesse

What Role Does Predictive Analytics Play In Software Testing?

Ever wanted to predict the possible problems in your project even before their occurrence? Want to know what you should do to optimize your process? Predictive analytics is the ultimate answer! When we implement predictive analytics in QA, it can predict possible future failures keeping in vie

Mobile Application Testing - Emulators Vs Simulators Vs Real Devices

A simple definition of mobile application testing would go like this “Mobile application testing may be a technique by that associate application code developed for hand-held mobile devices is tested for its practicality, usability, and consistency. Mobile application testing could also be aut

Role of Shift Left Testing Towards Better Software Quality

A majority of industry owners in the software development industry have gone through various business problems that eventually results in unhappy customers. The major problems faced in recent times include - delayed product delivery on the customer’s end, higher software development costs, une

Testing of EDI Based Applications

Hah, isn’t there so much about the testing of EDI based applications? Of course there is. No worries; everything will be covered in this post. Come dive in!!!! What Is This EDI? EDI = Electronic Data Interchange Definition of EDI:  Computer to computer transfer of official bus

Types of Automation Tests You Must Be Aware Of

Automation Testing is a software testing method to run a set of test cases without executing them manually. After executing a number of sets, we can compare actual test results with expected results. In the Automation method, scripted data is executed by testing tools that examine the behavior of so

Impact of GDPR Compliance Services in Software Testing

So, What Exactly is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) focuses on the protection, collection, and management of non-public information of people. It allows the regulative authorities the proper to take necessary action against the companies that violate this new law. Moreover, it emp

Unlock The Best Tech Innovations By QA Industry

No doubt, the rise of technology is booming all around the world, and we all can experience its impact on our day-to-day lives. In the present time, the way we perform our jobs is entirely different as compared to the earlier time. Technology has not only improved the daily lives of the people but h

Introduction To Data Masking For Enabling Security And Safety

For all enterprises, these days test data privacy is critical and therefore Data Masking is the only and best way to deal with security. It basically ensures that only those people can see the data who really need to see it and ensuring the appropriate time for it. What is Data Masking? Dat

Importance of Testing Healthcare Mobile Apps

Healthcare is one of those industries that have transformed 180 degrees from what they were ever since human evolution. One of the ways through which the healthcare industry has been on top in development is through Mobile healthcare Apps. According to Businesswire, “In terms of revenue, the h

Testing of Online Educational Apps for Quality Improvements

No doubt, the rise of online mobile educational apps is improving the education system around the globe. Nowadays, most of the students prefer to learn with the help of online educational apps. What do you think might be the reason behind the increasing popularity of educational apps? Well, mobile e

Many organizations are adopting the cloud environment, and there are many that are planning to move services on the cloud. This new invention of technology is taking the online world by storm. Cloud computing is great when you have to access data from anywhere around the world or when you have to st

Penetration Testing: Methodologies and Standards

With so much technology around, there is an increased risk of cyber-attacks. Businesses have increased their dependency on IoT, cloud, social media, and mobile devices. With the rise in dependency on technology, there is a rise in cyber risk. You can find headlines about cyber-attacks almost every d

What Is End To End Testing? Why Is It Important?

What Does End-To-End Testing Mean? End-to-end testing is a Software testing methodology in which QA tests an application flow from start to end. In this QA validates the integration with external interfaces and ensures the functionality of the system under the testing phase. End to End testing is

PoS Testing: Components, Testing And Challenges

PoS (Point of Sale) is a combination of hardware and software which brings the merchant’s ecosystem together. When a customer makes a payment for the products or services he purchased, he is completing a POS transaction. POS software application eases the task of financial transactions along w

Implications of COVID-19 on Business

With COVID-19 outbreak, as authorities make critical intercessions in the light of the coronavirus, organizations are quickly acclimating to the changing needs of their employees, their clients, and providers, while facing the challenges of the economy, along with exploring money-related and operati

All You Should Know About Web Services Test Automation

Web Services Test Automation is a framework for the conversation between two applications or software or machines to exchange information with each other, irrespective of their underlying architecture and the technology. In other words, Web Services Test Automation solutions are the ones that not on

5G Cybersecurity: Are We Prepared?

Are we prepared for cybersecurity in the 5G era? In 2020, the telecom industry is set to revolutionize the world, with the launch of 5G network services, along with AI, IoT, and machine learning. Mobile operators like Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, are competing amongst themselves to be the first

Latest Software Testing Trends For 2020 and Beyond

As per a recent report by Statista, you can find more than 2.57 million apps for Android and over 1.84 million apps for iOS devices. And as the app development landscape continues to evolve, it directly indicates that the growth of software testing services goes hand in hand with app development.

A Comprehensive Guide on SharePoint Testing

15 years ago Microsoft introduced SharePoint Package which turned out to be the most successful enterprise product. SharePoint is a content management system with an intranet-enabled document library that enables work collaboration capabilities. Most of the Fortune-100 companies leverage the power o

Performance Testing - Quality at Speed

Software companies are booming like never before in the world of digitization, and there is stiff competition amongst them to prove their worth and attract maximum clients. To deliver the best services to the end-users, testers and QA analysts must follow best practices of performance testing to che

Impact of Virtualization on API Testing

The simulated environment is not at all a new term for web developers. Specifically, in case of application programming interfaces (API) which might require developing a simulation of their service for testing purposes, virtualization acts as an alternative that leaves the ordinary API explorer or G

QA Metrics - Importance of Testing Metrics Within Software Development

Wondering what this software quality metrics are and what metrics should you pay consideration to do all software development steps, isn’t? Tom DeMarco, a well-acknowledged writer of books on software engineering and an American programmer, has said: “You cannot control what you

Importance of Agile Testing in Software Development

Agile methodology plays a crucial role in software development as it helps in promoting continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the SDLC of the project. The main benefit of using it is that it offers the ability to adapt to change. The “Agile Model” was based initially

Checklist For Companies Offering Work From Home During Pandemic

Today, techies worldwide are getting used to the new normal in their professional remote- working culture. With COVID-19 outreaching every part of the world and America being the worst-affected, it has compelled organizations to implement the Work-from-Home policy and maintain the crucial safety mea

CRM Testing : Best Practices and CheckList

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an approach that is mainly used to manage a company’s interaction with its current and potential customers. It is beneficial to maintain business relationships, including customers’ data, information and interactions, and it should be tested tho

Testing GraphQL To Leverage API

GraphQL is a query language for APIs, which offers simplification of queries and responses for usage with mobile applications, and complex APIs. GraphQL was initially created to solve selected problems. In 2011 as people migrated from web to mobile, most of the users were interfacing with applicatio

Tech Talks: How QA Is Playing A Significant Role In Digital Transformation

As businesses are evolving with digitalization, Quality Assurance and Testing play a vital role for organizations to stay relevant in the dynamic marketplace and maintain a secured customer base. Let’s get into this discussion opportunity with Kanika Vatsyayan, VP - Strategy, at BugRaptors, to

Interview With James Bach On Software Testing Outlook

James Marcus Bach, Who Doesn’t Know! A noted thought leader, a prominent speaker, author and the creator of Rapid Software Testing™ in QA community. He has acquired many skills in quality testing, software engineering, and DevOps testing to drive many revolutionized ideas and testing

How Critical Is Software Testing For Insurance Domain?

With continually changing lifestyle choices, climatic changes, and technological developments, the present-day risk scenario has too changed. Insurance companies these days are coming up with wacky insurance proposals like Bail bond insurance, Wedding insurance, Alien Abduction insurance, Valentine

GoodFirms Recognized BugRaptors among Best Testing Companies

Holding a specialty in testing services, BugRaptors provides a comprehensive solution ensuring that a business meets its customer expectation. Delivering unraveled services with state-of-the-art solutions, the company has emerged as one of the top testing companies at GoodFirms. Overvie

What is E-Commerce Testing? Its Types and Benefits

What is Ecommerce Testing?   The process of evaluating an eCommerce (Online Shopping) application against functionality, performance, and security issues is called Ecommerce Testing. It aims to help in error identification and ensure value to the product according to customer requiremen

Risk Based Testing : Importance, Benefits & Much More

A Quick Introduction to Risk-Based Testing (RBT) Risk-based testing is a type of test that is performed based on risk probability. It is also defined as an RBT that includes risk management focused on identification, complexity, market robustness, and prioritizing the risks to minimize and manage