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Our Team

Prof. Sandeep Mann


Prof Sandeep Mann mentors our organization. He being a serial entrepreneur, and having seen Fortune-500 strategies from close range, has lovingly nurtured us. He has enabled career moves of 800+ Vice-Presidents and CXOs across multiple sectors, and thousands of mid-level managers, ranging over all functions. His diverse work can be savoured at Prof Sandeep Mann.

Yashu Kapila


Yashu Kapila is our COO. The best part of her role is managing key client relationships, setting up and building large testing services and release for projects spread across the globe. She has diverse experience in release management, consulting, operations and presales. Driving key strategic initiatives that would provide edge in the market and demonstrate business value to clients in turn converting to business propositions.

Rajeev Verma


As Vice-President in BugRaptors, Rajeev oversees the implementation of quality control and assurance strategies and protocols for all client engagements. In addition to his role within testing organizations, he has extensive engagement management experience coordinating complex systems integrations projects across a variety of industries and countries for full lifecycle. He ensures client satisfaction and customer retention through Strategic Business Planning.