How do Mobile Applications Handle Interruptions?

How do Mobile Applications Handle Interruptions? 12 Sep,2016

Plenty of mobile software products come with rapid evolvement of mobile devices. Numerous applications for personal computers have been accustomed for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. A Software testing company updates that present day applications for web applications and mobile devices are far from been perfect. Mobile application testing displays that software products on smartphones, tablets and mobile phones often freeze up behave strangely and crash. There are a lot of reasons for that.

Among problems of mobile applications that are frequently reported in progress of testing of mobile web site testing and mobile programs is poor handling of interruptions by different notifications.

Interrupt Testing relates to any application type-Mobile, Stand Alone, Web etc. The variety of networks, configurations, devices etc. makes it more noticeable for Mobile applications than the others.

What is Interruption testing?

Interruption testing is process to imitate unexpected interrupt to the application. This can be attained by various techniques and ways depending on the application under test.


Common Interrupts:

1. Incoming and Outgoing SMS and MMS.

2. Incoming and Outgoing Calls.

3. Incoming Notifications.

4. Battery Removal.

5. Cable Insertion and Removal for Data Transfer.

6. Network Outage and Recovery.

7. Media Player ON/OFF.

8. Device Power Cycle.

A software testing company declares that it can happen because of deficiency of resources on the device for concurrent functioning of several applications. That is why load or performance testing is vital for a mobile software product.

What is Mobile Application Load Testing?

Mobile application testing for performance testing is not similar as traditional performance testing. Mobile is a whole new thing and the testing necessities for all features are much sharper due to the unpredictability.

The aim of load testing is to decide whether the application can maintain the required number of users with acceptable response times. The purpose of this testing is to normal the maximum load of real-time users an application can bear before suffering from system failure while the objective of stress testing is to authorize an application’s dependability and constancy over an comprehensive period of time.

We need to recognize variations in delays in delivery of messages, application crash, streaming resource intensive packets and response times etc. on the server side. We need to report the usual inconsistency of application behavior on various handsets and platforms, CPU consumption and memory, battery issues and loading speed.

Perform Load or Performance testing to handle interruptions.

Performance test your mobile applications for a variety of mobile: iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android etc. It’s a main point to simulate mobile network speeds of mobile standards: EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA, UMTS (3G), LTE and HSPA+. Select right automation testing tool for the success of mobile application testing program:

a) The tool should back all desired platforms.

b) The tool should support testing for various resolutions, input mechanism and screen types.

c) The tool should be connected to the external system to perform end to end testing.

d) Use weighted device platform matrix method to recognize the most critical platform combination/ hardware to test.

e) Check end to end functional flow in all possible platforms for at least once.

f) Conduct UI testing, performance testing and compatibility testing using actual devices.

g) Measure performance only in realistic conditions of maximum user load and wireless traffic.

Because mobile devices usually access the network with lower bandwidth, setting the right bandwidth is necessary to realistically simulate mobile traffic.

Is Interrupt Testing the same as Recovery Testing?

Nope, it isn’t. Recovery Testing is to confirm the restoration from a failure. Interrupt Testing is not exactly a failure. It is a mere disturbance. It is like the difference between a period and a comma in English But only technical. I am sure you get what I am trying to convey here.

That’s all is to know and get started with Interrupt Testing – A significant and instinctive branch of Mobile Application Testing.

Amit Rajput is working as Senior Performance Test Engineer and has conducted load/ performance test executions for various mobile, web and client server applications. He has good analytical skills of system performance and behavior.

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