How To Achieve Great UX With The Help of QA?

How To Achieve Great UX With The Help of QA? 01 Oct,2019

Achieving great UX is not just about the right planning & prototyping. It is also about the way you test your design for all types of flaws you can find to make the journey of your audience seamless. To help you find all the answers in attaining a great UX, we present to you a simple solution: Usability testing.

Usability testing is all about obtaining human to interchange with associate degree application or different product you have designed and observe their behavior and response to that.

Why is Usability Testing Necessary?

Usability testing provides the right way, at the right time with the right set of people which reduces the risk of building the wrong product; therefore it saves time, money and other precious resources. Moreover, if usability done at an early, it helps to search the issues when they are simple and effective to fix.

The primary focus is on:

  1. Uses
  2. Ease of Understanding, Learning and orienting with the system.
  3. The satisfaction of the user. It’s all about the user’s experience throughout his interaction with the associate application and his ‘feeling’ towards it.


Usability Testing Benefits

Following are the merits of usability testing:

  • Before the merchandise is marketed, usability testing helps to uncover usability problems.
  • End-user satisfaction is improved
  • The system becomes extraordinarily effective and economical


Organize Your Usability Check By The Response On These Four Questions:


  1. What is going to test? You would like to check the maximum amount of your product as you’ll, however notably concentrate on the aspects you and also the design team area unit less assured of and people that you understand area unit most vital to the user.

  3. Wherever can we tend to test? Simon offers the instance of if you’re acting on a mobile app for a store, move to that store and pay time with a few customers, similarly as several workers.

  5. Who can we tend to check with? Move, pounce on random strangers in cafes or, if your user may be a developer, coworking centers, MeetUps, and hackathons are unit forever smart places to search out willing guinea pigs.

  7. However, can we tend to test? Watch your testers use the app and raise them to speak aloud, describing what they’re doing and the way, what would they are doing next, etc. attempt to note each the opinions they offer and the way they’re truly behaving. When you are doing this, maybe raise a particular open-ended question or two that addresses a specific space of concern to your project.


How To Do UX Testing

Planning: – In this phase, the main motive of usability tests is observed. Human requires understanding the main functionalities of the whole application. Testers should have assigned tasks to work on the functionalities.

Recruiting: In this phase, people select the desired number of testers as per the usability test plan.

Usability Testing: Here, usability tests are executed in real-time.

Data Analysis: Data from usability tests is thoroughly determined to derive meaningful inferences and give actionable recommendations to improve the overall usability of the application.

Reporting: Searched issues of the usability test are shared with all concerned stakeholders which can include designer, developer, client, and CEO.

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Checklist for UX Testing

The primary goal of this testing is to search out crucial usability issues before the application is launched. Following things have to be formed for making a testing success:

  • Start the UX testing throughout the first stage of design and development
  • It’s a best practice to conduct usability testing on your competitor’s product before you start development. This will assist you to define usability standards for your target market
  • Select the acceptable users to check the system (Can be experts/non-experts users/50-50 of experts and Non-Experts users)
  • Use an information measure shaper. For example, your target market has poor network property, limit network information measure to mention fifty-six Kbps for your usability testers.
  • Testers have to be compelled to target essential & oftentimes used functionalities of the system.
  • Assign one observer to every tester. This helps the observer to accurately note tester’s behavior. If the associate observer is assigned to multiple testers, results could also be compromised
  • Educate Designers and Developers that this testing outcomes isn’t a proof of failure however it is a sign of Improvement


Why Should QA Be Acting as Usability Tester?

As the company grows, they need totally different layers of paperwork from the dev team. QA becomes centered on application not to the client that the full expertise is being distilled all the way down to do the necessities, losing human interaction.

Quality assurance involves following predefined check cases that meticulously define the desired practicality, action to be taken and also the desired outcome. This is often an efficient way to determine any specific implementation problems, however it will be nothing for the standard of the user expertise. Usability testing helps you identify all the flaws a user can face while interacting with your interface. Some of the outcomes may be something you haven’t anticipated at that time.


What can you expect when you come to BugRaptors? A seamless team of usability testers that knows how to handle usability testing. We are a team of over 50 members who are certified testers and are competent in providing exceptional usability testing services. Let’s discuss to make your software even better.

Deepak Arora is ISTQB certified QA engineer, works in Bugraptors. He is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Regression and Sanity testing. He is responsible for guaranteeing a level of quality for the end client and to help the software development team to identify problems early in the process.

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