Future scope of Quality Control in the Software Testing Services

Future scope of Quality Control in the Software Testing Services 05 Feb,2016

Due to high growth in the global software market, Quality Assurance and Quality Control is limited to desktops . It has a wide scope and the main focus has switched from desktops to mobile devices but the picture is changing now a days.

Some of the areas that are swiftly changing market trends are:

1) Quality Assurance: Q&A is systematic process to check whether a product or service is being developed / tested according to specified requirements or not .

It is indispensable and effective in maintaining the quality and stability that customers expect from an organization.

It should be implemented at early stage. For example, the early participation of the ‘Assurance Organization’ allows to focus their energies on resolving issues that are discovered from the very beginning of the cycle.

Q&A organizations also needs to maintain the entire customer experience while ensuring the production and delivery of high quality applications.

2) Automation Testing: With the expected growth rate at CAGR, new possibilities are expected. Selenium is expected to be the world’s most popular framework in coming years than in past.

In India Selenium and QTP are the tools that are on the rise. We are expertise in both the tools QTP/UFT and Selenium.

3) Crowd source Testing: Research analyst predicts the global software testing services market to grow at a CAGR of close to 11% during the forecast period. One of the key drivers for growth of this market is increasing popularity of crowd sourced testing.

4) Industry-specific testing services: It is an another significant trend that is envisaged to propel the growth of the software testing services market during the forecast period.

Recent developments have driven companies to align testing services into vertical specializations, which has gained popularity over the years.

5) Tracking Devices: Another area that is gaining interest in software market, is tracking devices. Websites, phones, and laptops all have tracking devices that allow us to track the delivery date of the package.

Soon, tracking devices will be installed on anything of great value, including keys, bicycles, and about anything else that the consumer would hate to lose.

Apart from above listed trends, some of the domains that will be a part of revolution in the market . GPS tracking applications, cloud based applications, censor based applications will be used.

Today it is the world of Internet of things (IOT). IOT is still a new field in India and has a lot of scope and explored areas that are yet to be discovered. An example of this technology is beacons. They nowadays are commonly being used in many retail applications.

Shabnam Kumari Shabnam works as QA Engineer at BugRaptors. She is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, performance testing, load testing, Web applications testing .She has been working on various Web and mobile applications. She is good at carrying end to end testing.

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